Tokyo Ravens: ANIME REVIEW

I've loved magic since the time I was a child. I don't know why but I always dreamed of having some cool powers, being able to cast spells etc. That's the reason I, for instance, love Harry Potter, Avatar, I used to love Winx, and now I came across an awesome anime that is also about magic. This time, as promised, I have for you Tokyo Ravens

Plot and Storyline

In the beginning of this story we have the main character Harutora, a boy born in the prestigious Onmyoji (Magic) family Tsuchimikado. Although born in such a family he still isn't able to see "spirit energy", meaning he is not able to use magic. Or he wasn't able until he met his childhood friend Natsume, who is also the heir to the main Tsuchimikado family. After the accident with one of the Twelve Divine Generals (first class Onmyoji) Harutora decides to become Natsume's familiar (protector).*(Just as a little add, the Twelve Divine or Heavenly Generals exist in the Japanese belief as the protectors of the Medicine Buddha).* He becomes able to see spirit energy, and shortly after that enrolls the Onmyo Prep School. In the now "new world" for Harutora, everybody is speaking about Natsume being the reincarnation of Yakou Tsuchimikado, a genius Onmyoji who is told to be The Father of Modern Onmyoudo. But is she really the reincarnation? Hmmm...
The storyline of this anime is great. You have the slowly (yet not too slow) developing story whose peaces are placed one by one, like a puzzle, until you get the whole picture. I have to say, after the 14th episode I was scared that they will just ruin the rest with the episodes to come, but they did not. The opposite actually happened. The story became more and more interesting and it kept me on tenterhooks until the very end. A couple of plot twists also contributed to the show, leaving actually no plot holes at all. 
The mix of magic and action fights also did they bit in this show. 
And finally an anime that has a finished love story. It didn't left me with the stupid thoughts: "Will they be together", "Will he tell her how he actually feels about her" etc. I hate unfinished stories in anime which don't have a second season. Make an OVA at least, that would make me really happy. 
And while talking about second seasons, this anime really deserves one. It did leave some open questions and a movie or another 12 episodes would be great. I could read the finished novel, but I am too lazy to read something. School is coming after all.
Anyways, Tokyo Ravens is a catchy, awesome and in some parts very emotional story that is worth every single second of watching. There are not much anime which have a great story that is not ruined in one or the other way. And even if the beginning seems a bit like there is no progress, be patient. The best is yet to come. 


What a crazy bunch of personalities we have here. We have the cool guy, the stupid one, some prodigies, a girly, a shy boy, an awesome teacher, a cute familiar...
This anime really has awesome characters, and I could talk about them the whole day, but the main two will also do good. Ladies first...

Tsuchimikado Natsume is a prodigy onmyoji and as said before the heir to the main family. Don't be confused, she will just pretend to be a boy in most of the show. She is a very caring person and she takes her obligations as the heir very seriously. She proves that there is no success without hard work and sacrifice.  An awesome and interesting character, Natusme-san. 

Just as everybody in the anime says : "Baka-Tora" or "Stupid Tora". Harutora Tushimikado is really what the world calls stupid. It takes some time before he understands some things. What I like about his personality is that he's not afraid to take some risks. And also he wasn't very confident in the beginning , but because he knew that learning magic is the only way to save the people he loves, he didn't give up.  A very funny and determine main character, with some flaws that actually just made him so unique as he is. 


Well there is no much to talk about the animation. It is good just like in other anime shows too. The characters look good, the style is awesome and the landscapes and backgrounds are also well done. The thing that needs to be commended is the animation of the spells and the powers. Even the monsters look awesome. Nice job!


At first glance, I didn't think that this anime would turn out this great. The only thing I have to criticize is that there is no release date for season 2. I really hope that the makers will make one. In short, Tokyo Ravens is a great story, with no plot holes but with some awesome reviews on the past. The background stories  are not boring, I liked them actually, and the romance, shounen, action mix was just epic. MAL scored it with 7,88 but I would give it  a 9,27. Almost a masterpiece, TOKYO RAVENS. 

Your AnimeGirl <3 


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