Code Geass (2007)

You know that meme "Lie down, Try not to cry, Cry a lot"? Ah, that's how I felt in the end of the second season of this anime. I mean while watching, I cried. I watched it tomorrow again and I cried again. I even watched it in German dub and cried. German dub, you know how ridiculous that sounds. I waited a long time for a "Masterpiece " anime like this, and finally I was able to rate a show as a 10/10 on MAL. May I present you the best anime I've seen so far. CODE GEASS: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

Plot and Story Line

Guys, I guarantee you this will be the best anime story you'll ever watch. It doesn't lack in any aspect of a good anime. The story is intriguing, the plot is smooth and the main story line is just perfect. Also it didn't lack in good background stories at all. Goro Taniguchi, the Original Creator of Code Geass, has an ingenuity I've never seen in my life before. And I wanna say thanks for giving us this anime. I have to admit that I was rather sceptical whether I'd like it or not, but thank God I did. Now let's see what the story actually looks like.
Well, in 2010 the Holy Empire of Britannia began a campaign of conquest, with Japan as its target. Because of the advanced armour technology of Britannia, Japan was soon taken over and its pride, rights and identity were gone. Now its called Area 11 and its citizens, the Elevens, are forced on a harsh life while the Britannian aristocracy lives and opulent and luxuriant life. One of the aristocrats is Lelouch Lamperouge that lives together with his little sister Nunnally. What nobody knows about them, they both are an exiled Prince and Princess of Britannia. His life as a normal High School student ends after he meets C.C. by accident. A rather strange girl that gives him the Power of the King. The Geass. With the power of dominance over any person Lelouch starts his fight against Britannia with the wish to bring down Britannia from the inside. I won't tell you the reason he did that, I want you to find it out on your own while watching. 
There are a few acpects of the show regarding the story that have to be mentioned.
First of all, THE ACTION. The whole Code Geass story is basicly a revolution so of curse there will be a lot of action. I was sceptical in the beginning whether I will like those robot like human-armor but after watching I few episodes I fell in love. True I saw those in Guilty Crown too but I didn't pay that much atention on them. The battles are epic, interesting and although Lelouch is such a master-mind he wasn't winning all the time. 
Second thing, THE PLOT TWISTS. This made me crazy. I mean, so many things happened in this anime that I thought were impossibe to happen. Aaaagh! One plot twist happened in the end, and that's the thing that made me cry. Me, cry. I've never cried before. Not even in Angle Beats. But I did cry here. Hat down for that.
Thirdly, THE EMOTIONALITY. Whether it is a romance, or sibling/friend love, hatred, excitement, sadness, obedience, patriotism...Everything is there and it's manifested to the very maximum. You should see that emotion breakouts, it really gives you goose bumps. I am not kidding.
Forth, and last thing. Tell me one thing that anime makers usually get wrong. Well, mostly it is theSECOND HALF, or even the whole SECOND SEASON. I was so scared that this would happen to Code Geass, but...It did not. The second season was even better than the first one and episode for episode the story got more and more interesting. 
Code Geass is an example of how an anime should be. Interesting, catchy, with a smooth story yet having some surprises prepared. But please anime makers, don't do the Guilty Crown thing. Just don't. 


This anime's characters are maybe one of the best I have seen. They are so unique and there are not a lot cliche personalities that you see in other anime. What I mostly liked about the main characters are their flaws. The imperfection of their personality. It gave the show a little extra and a fresh scent. Here are the four of the main characters for you:

LELOUCH: His main problem was that he wanted to acheive his goal trough the goal of others. A mastermind I've never seen before. I envied him on his care for Nunnally and cleverness of curse. A very rational character with clear goals not affraid of taking risks. The only thing I don't get is how I can hate and love Lelouch at the same time. I really cant say. That's why, as a character, brilliant.

KALLEN kinda reminds me of Touka from Tokyo Ghoul. A strong, independent, badass woman that knows what she is fighting for. I, my self, am a great patriot, and that's the common characteristic we share. She became one of my "idol-characters" after watching this anime. And with great extent, one of my favorite characters ever.

SUZAKU: Although he looks like the cutest character of all, I hated him. How could you fight your own people? I don't get it. He was not scared of Britannia, he was just too naive. I know I can't blame you for that. But I certanly can for betraying your best friend. Not cool at all.

And in the end...I am sorry for saying this, but this woman is a bit*h. C.C. is so self-centerd and evil, I mean making a contract with someone without telling him the outcome. Come on! Too bad she fell in love and regretted what she has done. It's a bit too late in the end, but she managed it somehow with Lelouch's help. Still, I have to admit, I loved her. Her personality fitted just right in all those happenings.

Animation and Style

Aaaam...again, there is not much to talk about animation. It is very good, no flaws. When it comes to the animation style I must say that it is a bit different. I mean you can see it on the character looks. Still it is not bad at all, and why not be a bit unique. One more thing I need to mention here are the sound and music. Both opening and ending songs are great an the music inside the anime is brilliant. I really enjoyed it.


I can't believe this review beacame so long, but an anime like Code Geass maybe deserves even a longer one. The thing is that this show is perfect in every aspect possible. Story, plot, characters, emotions, action, animation, style, music...Every Single Thing is perfect! If you haven't watched Code Geass, go! Right Now! It's an order! I loved Code Geass, and I haven't met a single person yet that doesn't. I'd really like to know if there is a single person that doesn't like this anime. Let me know if you know someone. 
In short, Code Geass is truly a MASTERPIECE!
Your AnimeGirl <3 


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