Gosick (2011): ANIME REVIEW

See, when I was just a little AnimeGirl I used to watch detective Connan on the TV. Now I found a more interesting, better and more mysterious anime that is kinda the prefect show for all the Anime beginners out there (I even recommended it to my teacher, who is now a great anime lover). Using my fountain of wisdom I will represent you the anime of this review, the Sherlock Holmes of the anime world...Gosick! 

Plot and Storyline:

This is the type of stories where you have a couple of shorter stories that are not connected with each other at first sight, but become a whole in the end when the makers show you the hidden details on witch you didn't pay attention in the beginning. Sounds hard to understand, but it is not at all. Gosick is an anime where the genres mystery, historical and romance merged together into an awesome story that truly finds a place in your heart. 
Now let's set the scene first. We have the year 1924. World War I is over and a new life is beginning. In the middle of the story we have Kazuya Kujo, who is a transfer student from Japan. He enrolled the Saint Marguerite Academy in Sauville, a small European country between France and Italy. 
The people in Sauville and so the students at the Academy are all crazy about urban legends and horror stories which they believe are actually true. Kujo hears a story about a golden fairy that lives at the top of a library tower. What a coincidence. He meets Vistorique, a short girl with long, golden hair that lives at the top of the library tower of the academy. She is a detective prodigy that uses her "Fountain of Wisdom to take fragments from the chaos of this world and reconstruct them into truth". Easier said, she uses her cleverness and solves cases for her detective older brother. Together with Kujo she goes on several trips where she solves all kinds of mysteries and of curse enjoys the time she spends with him. 
As said in the beginning, the plot is made up of these 2-3 episode long  short stories that kinda find their way together in the end. So, if you want a good story, which Gosick definitely is, put a small, clever girl in the middle, add a nice boy to her, let the government in to interrupt their interest and...Boom! You have a catchy, cute, little story that will surely get your attention. 


The characters in this anime surely are something. You have ma mash up of all kinds of personalities and relationships. I will just talk about the main two. Let me start with my personal favorite.

Victoruque de Blois is the Tsundere of this anime. She always acts so cold and bossy towards Kuji, but actually has some hidden feelings for him. She is so cute. The way she wants to cover up her weaknesses is just hilarious. But the thing that's really important about her is her cleverness and wisdom. She's just amazing. Also, she really is the carrier of the whole story. She is the turning pint of everything and everybody else is just an add. Great job as main, round of applause!

 There is nothing much to talk about Kujo Kazuya. He was just lucky to be there and to introduce the story. The character it self is actually nothing special. Just an ordinary, nice boy who has to maintain the family honor as being the 3rd son of a Japanese General. All his actions are more the result of his love and care for Victorique than his personality. 


This anime has an overall animation. It is not the best I've seen but it is not bad. There are two things I personally love about this anime. 
Firstly I have to mention the landscapes of this anime. They are beautiful. So bright and colorful...Kawaii. 

Secondly, I loved the opening. It really is kinda special and different from other openings I've seen. Just for you, here is the YouTube link for it: GOSICK-Opening 1 Too bad they changed the opening.


This is an anime for every soul. Trust me, if you start watching it you won't be able to stop until the end. The story is catchy, with no stupid plot holes and a great character development. The thing that made me say "Awwwwww" in the end is the love story between Kujo and Victorique. I usually don't like romance based movies and shows but in anime it's always so differently brought over to the audience. It was cute and so emotional in the end, that could make a lot of you cry in the end. 
I always loved tsundere characters because they are so cute and funny and Victorique really is one.
I liked Gosick, I could watch it again sometime. Give it a try, you won't regret. 

Your AnimeGirl <3



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