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An Irregular at Magic High School: ANIME REVIEW

I've always hated the fact that magic does not exist. Yet, I believe that technology will advance so much one day that we will be able to call it magic. And imagine this now, just ten days ago I came across an anime that kinda pictures that "Techno-magic" I was thinking about. I'll let you now enjoy the review on "An Irregular at Magic High School". 

Plot and Story Line You remember maybe how Sword Art Online did that story-line thing, where the whole plot is actually made up of shorter stories (SAO, ALO, GGO...). Well, you have the same situation in AIAMHS too. They tell one shorter story in about eight episodes, and three or four such stories made the show. But what is this anime about now? As I mentioned in the beginning, magic is not magic how it used to be. Instead of colorful spells, bright lights, stars, cepters etc, you have codes. One code, one spell and they are all casted by Casting Assistant Devices, or in short CADs. The CADs are all designed and…

Code Geass (2007)

You know that meme "Lie down, Try not to cry, Cry a lot"? Ah, that's how I felt in the end of the second season of this anime. I mean while watching, I cried. I watched it tomorrow again and I cried again. I even watched it in German dub and cried. German dub, you know how ridiculous that sounds. I waited a long time for a "Masterpiece " anime like this, and finally I was able to rate a show as a 10/10 on MAL. May I present you the best anime I've seen so far. CODE GEASS: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

Plot and Story LineGuys, I guarantee you this will be the best anime story you'll ever watch. It doesn't lack in any aspect of a good anime. The story is intriguing, the plot is smooth and the main story line is just perfect. Also it didn't lack in good background stories at all. Goro Taniguchi, the Original Creator of Code Geass, has an ingenuity I've never seen in my life before. And I wanna say thanks for giving us this anime. I have to admit tha…

Tokyo Ghoul (2014)

"To be, or not to be" says William Shakespeare in Hamlet. If Sui Ishida was a poet, he would maybe have written something similar to this, "To be, or not to be a ghoul". But Mr.Ishida is Japanese, not English and that's why he wrote a manga and made a lot of Otakus very happy. In 2014 an, on this manga based, anime came out, with the same name. May I present...TOKYO GHOUL!

Plot and Story LineOkay, before I start with the plot and story I have to make one thing clear. Although the manga and the anime are similar, they are not the same. Funimation changed the chronology  and a trifle of the main plot  and added some annoying censorship (more about it in animation section).The main story line however, remains the same, and let's review this thing already.  We firstly need a setting for this story. Tokyo, Japan. In recent time the city is being haunted by half-human half-monster creatures called Ghouls. The ghouls have special abilities and enormous strenght, but…

Death Parade: ANIME REVIEW

I don't know what's going on but recently I've watched nothing but anime that involve psychology and game-play. My last review was on Btooom! and it had that psychology and real-life-game-play stuff, but this anime...I never thought it would be so into psychology of a person, and not just that. It really got to the core of someone's soul. I have to admit that I was rather skeptical in the beginning, but I am so happy that I didn't give up on it. An outstanding show. 
Dear readers, DEATH PARADE! 
PLOT AND STORY LINEFirst thing you should know is that this anime doesn't have an actual story line. I mean it has,but take it like this. Like every anime and show, Death Parade has also the main story and the "side-stories" . The only difference is that in death Parade those "side-stories" are the main part of the anime. To make it easier to understand my as usual complex view I'll talk about both of them. In the world of Death parade the dead ones…


Let the 76th annual Hunger Games begin! 
But wait, we are not in Panem, we are in Japan. Soo, the survivor games are not called "The Hunger Games" but "Btooom!". Considering this, today's anime review would be "Btooom!"

 Plot and StorylineAs mentioned in the intro, this anime really reminded me of The Hunger Games. And now you'll hear why. The story is set in a world where currently a very popular game called Batoom! is infecting the life of millions all around the world. One of the world's best players is Ryouta Sakamoto. He is a need without a job that only lives for that game. One day he suddenly wakes up hanging with a parachute from a tree in a jungle. He didn't know where he was or what happened to him, but soon he will find out. While walking on that lonely island a man attacked him with bombs, trying to kill him of curse. That's when he realized. He was trapped on that island by the makers of Btooom! along with others being force…

Black Bullet: ANIME REVIEW

I hate bugs. And I think a lot of you share my hatred. Now imagine a world where you have bugs that are three, four or even five times bigger than you. Would you dare to fight them? Well in the world of this anime, you have no choice but to fight. Today's anime review a on MAL 7,51 rated show called BLACK BULLET.

Plot and StorylineI would probably freak out in a world like this. In the near future a viral parasites named Gastrea broke out and defeated the mankind. Gatreas are basically bug-like monsters that kill people. But the biggest problem about them is that they can turn people into monsters when they infect them with the virus. Still, the virus can effect the people in another way. Imagine what happens when a pregnant woman is infected. Well, her child, and always a girl, turns into a "cursed child", being just a human but with special powers. The government uses those children to fight Gastrea together with Civil officers and always in pairs. One of the pairs are …

Mirai Nikki/ Future Diary: ANIME REVIEW

Dear diary, 
I always watched anime, even as a kid although I didn't know what anime actually were. About four years ago I found out what anime really means, and one of the first anime I watched as a "full time" AnimeGirl was Mirai Nikki or Future Diary. That's why, in this review I will write about this, kinda special, anime show. 
-Your AnimeGirl
 Plot and Storyline Well, the first thing you'll probably say after you finish this anime is:"What on Earth was that?".  Mirai Nikki is, I promise you, the most psychopathic anime you'll see in your life. But that is exactly what it makes this anime different from all the others.  In the very beginning we meet Amano Yukiteru (Yuki), a rather shy and anti-social. Poor Yuki, his only friend is a imaginary god called Deus ex Machina(This is a phrase that comes from the Latin language and actually means "God from the Machine, but never mind, let's move on)-The God of Time and Space. Too bad, this Deus is …

Tokyo Ravens: ANIME REVIEW

I've loved magic since the time I was a child. I don't know why but I always dreamed of having some cool powers, being able to cast spells etc. That's the reason I, for instance, love Harry Potter, Avatar, I used to love Winx, and now I came across an awesome anime that is also about magic. This time, as promised, I have for you Tokyo Ravens

Plot and StorylineIn the beginning of this story we have the main character Harutora, a boy born in the prestigious Onmyoji (Magic) family Tsuchimikado. Although born in such a family he still isn't able to see "spirit energy", meaning he is not able to use magic. Or he wasn't able until he met his childhood friend Natsume, who is also the heir to the main Tsuchimikado family. After the accident with one of the Twelve Divine Generals (first class Onmyoji) Harutora decides to become Natsume's familiar (protector).*(Just as a little add, the Twelve Divine or Heavenly Generals exist in the Japanese belief as the pro…

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