How to Watch the Fate Series??

What started as a series of visual novels has over time developed into a super successful franchise of various manga, anime, movies, and games. Everyone who is a bit into anime knows about the franchise and it is really hard not to, considering that every new season brings another work from Type-Moon's Fate Universe .  The whole Fate franchise is set in a fantasy universe where magic exists and mages are the main characters. In such a world exists an omnipotent, wish-granting device, known as the Holy Grail that materializes itself approximately every sixty years (according to the main Fate storyline). In order to obtain the Holy Grail and have one of his/her wishes granted, the grail chooses seven mages to fight for its possession in a battle royale known as the Holy Grail War. In order to fight, each mage summons a servant, a heroic spirit from the past who has achieved great deeds in his/her life and become an object of worship after his or her death. The servants a

Sakura Haruno: Is She Worth the Hate?

Hello there and welcome to yet another Character Spotlight post here on World of Anime Girl. I have been thinking about writing this one for a very long time now, and I have finally organized my thoughts on this topic, or more precisely this character and started. As seen from the title, today's character spotlight is devoted to a very controversial character in the anime world- Sakura Haruno . There are anime fans that support her character, there are those who hate her and there are also those who just don't care. But honestly, I think that everyone has an opinion on the female lead character of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. As it might seem, there are more people that hate her, but the question is: Is she really worth all the hate or is she worthy of the title of the main heroine?  THE CHARACTER BEHIND THE NAME Let's for a moment don't take into account Sakura's powers, strength or involvement in the fights and just focus on the character she is. It i

Lost Fate/ Grand Order Account? Here Is How You Can Recover It!

Hello everyone and welcome to another post here on World of Anime Girl! A couple of months ago I have written a post about the mobile game Fate/ Grand Order and how amazing it is (read the post here ). I still haven't changed my mind about it, but I did take a break from it. After some time I wanted to start playing again but then I realized that I didn't get a transfer code for my Fate/ GO account. Luckily, my account is not completely lost and there is a very simple way how you can recover it. As I could see from online forums and from my own experience it works every time and I really hope that it will help you too in case you lose your own account.  STEP 1: DON'T PANIC! As I said in the beginning, it is a very easy way to recover your account and it has a high success rate, so no need for panic. The only thing you need do is write an e-mail to the Aniplex support center: .  STEP 2: THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO WRITE If y

Violet Evergarden (2018): ANIME REVIEW

Do you have any idea of how long I have waited for this anime to come out. I have added it to my plan-to-watch list from the time when the first visuals came out. I was instantly hooked by its animation and little did I know that the story will get to me equally as much. Setting new standards in the cute girl universe KyoAni gave us a spectacular tale in the Winter 2018 season. In today's review section of World of Anime Girl: Violet Evergarden. Enjoy! STUDIO: Kyoto Animation GENRE: Slice of Life, Drama, Fantasy EPISODES: 13 LINKS: MY ANIME LIST | PV TRAILER  Plot and Story Line If I were to explain Violet Evergarden in one sentence I would say that it is an emotional tale of a girl finding her purpose in life and peace withing her self. Still, one sentence is way to little to explain the depth of the story and actually demeaning considering the brilliance of this work. Violet is firstly introduced to us lying in a hospital, heavily injured after her long battl

Romeo x Juliet (2007): ANIME REVIEW

I have never been a huge romance fan but I am glad that I watched this one. Though romance might be the first thing you think of when you hear these two names, but the anime version of this epic tale has so much more to it, especially when it comes to the main heroine.  It surely has been a while since I last posted an anime review on my blog and this time I dug up an anime form 11 years ago. Is it worth watching 11 years after? Let's find out in today's review: ROMEO x JULIET. Enjoy! STUDIO: Gonzo GENRE: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance EPISODES: 24 LINKS: MY ANIME LITS | PV TRAILER Plot & Story Line  First thing's first. The anime doesn't follow the exact story line of Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. There are not two influential families in (Neo) Verona , only one, which is the Montague family. They took over the rule over Neo Verona by slaughtering the whole ruling family, the family of Capulet , 14 years ago. One of the few

Collab Post with ANIME BALKAN

Zdravo ljudi i dobrodošli na moj anime blog: Svijet Anime-cure (znam, zvuči čudno). Ovo je još jedna u nizu kolaboracija koje sam radila sa drugim anime bloggerima ovo ljeto. Nakon što sam vidjela da je jedna od najboljih balkanskih anime stranica na Facebook-u,  ANIME BALKAN , napravila svoj blog, morala sam stupiti u kontakt s njima i dogovoriti neku saradnju. Oni objavljuju novosti, preporuke i druge zanimljivosti vezane za anime, pa mi je tako posebno drago da mogu i ja biti dio te priče, barem na kratko. O čemu se radi u ovom post-u? Jednostavno. Ja sam Saberu kao jednom od admina poslala 3 anime-a sa njegove anime liste da mi da svoje mišljenje o njima. Isto tako, ja sam dobila 3 anime-a i napisala svoje mišljenje, a moći ćete ih pročitati na njihovoj stranici (linkove ću vam ostaviti na kraju).  Ja sam za Sabera odabrala Black Rock Shooter, K-On! i Shiki. U nastavku na engleskom, a vi uživajte.   Hello people,  You might be surprised about the sudden language change, bu

Interviewing Aniblogger Arria from Fujinsei

Greetings everybody and welcome to a very special post here on World of Anime Girl.  As you might know, I have done a couple of collabs with other anime bloggers this Summer but this time I have a special type of collaboration with another amazing blogger I have stumbled upon on the internet. Today's collaboration is with an extraordinary and really funny blogger from FUJINSEI . Her name is Arria and I am really glad to have the chance to work with her. Me and Arria gave each other five questions and  made some kind of an anime interview from them. We both answered all ten questions and you'll be able to see my answers on her blog  FUJINSEI , whereas Arria's answers are right bellow. I hope you enjoy this post and make sure to check out Arria's on FUJINSEI as well. Now without any further ado, let's get to the interview, shall we? 1.       If you could star as an anime character in a live-action movie adaptation, who would it be? I would like to

FALL 2017 Anime Preview

What do you mean the Summer holiday is ending? The Fall 2017 season is there? Sad, but true. Summer is ending but it feels like it was just yesterday that I did the anime preview for the previous season. Worst of it, I haven't seen any Summer 2017 anime except for Fate/Apocrypha. I had to catch up with the anime from Spring. And now I am again doing a preview on all the anime I won't be watching because the new semester is starting. How great. Still, it is my job to give some info and share my opinion on the upcoming anime in the Fall 2017 anime season.  I went through the seasonal anime list on MAL and picked a couple of titles that I found interesting. I hope you enjoy the post and now, without further ado: Fall 2017.  No 1. BLACK CLOVER ♧ RELEASE D ATE: October 3, 2017 GENRE : action, comedy, magic, fantasy, shounen STUDIOS : Studio Pierrot LINKS:   MY ANIME LIST | PV TRAILER  I actually did a post devoted solely to Black Clover a couple of da

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