The Legend of the Legendary Heroes: ANIME REVIEW

Konnichiwa Minna,
You've all probably heard the quote "Monsters are not born, monsters are made". Well, if I should describe this anime in only one sentence, then I'd definitely use this quote. It's an action, adventure, fantasy and magic anime produced by Lantis and  Media Factory. With a score of 7.85 it is ranked 745 on My Anime List. Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu, or as in English, The Legend of the Legendary Heroes...The review. Enjoy!

   Plot and Story Line  

When you look at the title of this anime, you'd most probably think that it is all about some amazing legends of some strong heroes from the past and so did I, but it came different. It was all fantasy, action and adventure but it was not nearly as good as expected. Thing is, what I thought would be a story about legends and stuff, was more a story about "monsters" that were created by humans them selves. Those monsters posses the "Alpha Stigma"- eyes that can analyze any type of magic but to the world they are better known as cursed eyes that bring destruction and death. 
One of those Alpha Stigma bearers is our protagonist, Ryner Lute. In a corrupt world, controlled by the nobles in each kingdom, Ryner became a talented mage being once a student of the Roland Empires's Magician Academy. In time, his best friend Sion Astal becomes the king of the Roland Empire and together they decide to fight against the evil in the world. 
The part about the legends is set in Ryner's mission. He goes on a journey together with Ferris Eris, to collect relics of the legendary heroes. They do find a couple of relics, but you never hear the story or the legend behind it. That sure was a disappointment for me because I was really looking forward to all the legends. From the title you'd think that the legends make up the main story line, but they are more some plot-filling adds. Only in the end, one episode centers the Legend that reveals the truth behind Ryner's Alpa Stigma, but that one comes kinda out of nowhere and just ends in a huge plot hole. It just confused all the things I thought I understood before. 
Even tough they kinda mixed up the title-story thing, The Legend of the Legendary Heroes is still a good anime. The main story line follows the Alpha Stigma users and their destiny as monsters. As said in the intro, it gives a clear message about how monsters are created and later feared and accused by humans.  It is really interesting how the anime portrayed  the real world in such a fantasy anime setting. Thumbs up for that one.
The story also doesn't lack in intrigue, drama, romance and amazing action scenes. A lot of side and background stories are woven into the anime's story. You get to know  lot of characters and even tough they are just supporting characters, you learn about their past, their feelings, hopes etc. It really did a great thing when it comes to that. 
Still the major problem I had with this anime is the, let's call it, "plot structure". The anime has a lot of plot holes, forced happenings and some unexplained happenings that come out of nowhere. A possible solution for that would be a second season because the anime hasn't finished with the end of the first season. But there is no sign of a second one and considering the fact that the anime aired in 2010, I wouldn't say that there is a second season planed. I guess 6 years would be enough of they wanted to. 


The characters in this anime are amazing. So many different, and so many interesting personalities at one place. This is one of the rare anime whose characters deserve to be described in detail, but each and every. Moreover, there is not a single character that I didn't like. They were really amazing. Besides, all those personalities contributed to the anime's overall appearance. As I mentioned above, the story is formed in a way you get to know each character and I found that great. 

My favorite character was definitely Ferris Eris. I've always liked strong and independent female characters. In addition to that she is so unique and funny, but also caring and nice. On the other hand, our protagonist Ryner Lute is a lazy, good-for-nothing, yet strong when needed. He is obsessed with afternoon naps and always tries to find a wayout of his obligations and problems.

   Animation and Style   

As expected from a 2010 anime, it's animation is not a big deal. It is okay and watchable. Nice colors, smooth movements and the way they illustrated the spells was also good. The style has nothing special. In one word-average. 


The Legend of the Legendary Heroes is a good and watchable anime. It does have a couple of flaws firstly in the story and in the plot in general but amazing characters made it enjoyable to watch, especially when it comes to the all the drama around them. Bad thing is that the magic actually wasn't in the front of the story since I was really looking forward to it. In the end, I liked it enough to give it a score 8/10, meaning you should check it out. 


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