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Top 10 Anime Production Studios

Did you know that, according to statistics, more than 200 anime shows and movies appear every year on TV in Japan. Also Japanese Anime make up 60% of the total world animation production. Now that's some animation that has to be produced there every year. Gladly we have many and with many I mean  approximately 1058 (according to the number listed on My Anime List) anime production studios all over Japan. Some of them have a long lasting tradition in Japan, some studios are winners of prestigious awards and some of them just fascinate us with their work. Here for you is a list of Top 10 Anime Production Studios that really deserve world's attention and especially the attention of every single otaku out there. I've done quite the research and here is the result. Enjoy!  
10.KYOTO ANIMATION Place 10 in this ranking is the Kyoto Animation Studio that was founded in 1981. They had their breakthrough after producing a very popular anime called "Free!". Their work "…

How I Felt About CLANNAD!!

Konbanwa Minna-san, After FMAB, Gintama, Steins Gate, Hunter x Hunter and more Ginatama the anime Clannad Afterstory takes the 9th place in the Anime ranking on My Anime List with a rating of 9.08. The prequel Clannad is on the other hand on the 206th place and has a rating of 8.32. However, it is one of the most popular anime series ever and if not the saddest at the same time. I have known for this anime for long but I actually never wanted to watch it. Reasons?  Firstly, it has about 50 episodes long and I prefer shorter ones. Secondly, it is a romance/slice-of-life and I've not always been a fan of it. And lastly, the animation or more likely the animation style is awful. Well since we have the year 2007 it is not a big surprise. Same reasons I don't watch many other anime like Kill la Kill. Back to Clannad... And despite all the reasons listed above, I watched it. I finally did it. I watched all of Clannad including the Afterstory of course. Now let me tell you what the dea…

Boku dake ga Inai Machi/ ERASED: ANIME REVIEW

Welcome to another review post here on World of Anime Girl, When it comes to the anime I am reviewing today, I need to say that I have actually been avoiding it since it came out in January, 2016.  An then suddenly, a couple of days ago, I decide to give it a chance and guess what happened. I completed the anime in one night. It was one of those 12-episode-long anime that have a complete story in just 12 episodes and after you actually finish it you feel sad because there is no more. Making a second season wouldn't make sense so we are left with an amazing but unfortunately short story that has the title: Boku dake ga Inai Machi or just Erased. 

Picture this, every time an accident is about to happen you get the chance to go a couple of minutes back in time to figure out what is wrong or what might cause the accident and eventually prevent it from happening. That is exactly the way Fujinuma Satoru uses his power he called "Revival", or better said the R…

My Top 5 Anime Couples

Hello Minna-san, (**SPOILER ALERT**) Here I am with a topic that would be more appropriate to be posted on Valentine's Day, but since it is like six months away I'll do it today. Whether it is a action, adventure, psycho, crime or horror anime romance is and always will be an indispensable part of it. Of course when it comes to anime romance, it mostly ends halfway. I already talked about that in an earlier post: It's an Anime Thing  with the topic: A never developing romance. They know that they like each other and we know it too, but in the end nothing specific happens. Yet, there are also some couples that made it and eventually became a part of my TOP 5 of Anime Couples. Whether it's their story or just the way they treat each other these are my favorite five. Enjoy and tell me what you think about it. 
No.5  MEI & YAMATO (Sukite Ii na yo- Say "I Love You")
Hard to tell why I like these two. I just do. But let's start from the beginning. A overly pop…

Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation: ANIME REVIEW

YO Minna,
It's me Anime Girl and here I am eating Ice Cream that is supposed to look like a Minion and trying to write a nice intro while listening to the beautiful sound of Fall Out Boy. I haven't watched the TV series "Bones" but I guess the anime I'll be reviewing today has at least a similar topic.  It is a crime/mystery anime that has a very intriguing plot and a very interesting main character. The anime with the longest name I have seen so far: Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru or the English version: A Corps is Buried under Sakurako's feet. Sounds creepy and is a little bit but it's amazing at the same time. Have fun! 

This is with great extend one of the best mystery and crime I have seen. An anime from the Fall 2015  season and a Lantis production, the same producers of some of Mirai Nikki, One Ounch Man, Another and many more popular anime. In my opinion it deserves a better score than 7.5 on MAL and here is a…

Plastic Neesan: ANIME REVIEW

Konnichiwa Minna-san,  It is me, Anime Girl and here I am with some kind of review or more an impression on an ONA (Original Net Anime). I watched yesterday at around 2.00 AM. I couldn't sleep and so I remembered a hilarious anime a friend once told me about. It is an anime with only 12 episodes whereas each episode is about 3 min long. I basically finished a whole anime in less than  30 min.  The name of the anime is Plastic Neesan and it started airing in May 2011. At this point I'd really like to know what took them so long because It says that it finished airing in July, 2012. That's more than a year. But yeah, whatever. 
Plastic Neesan is an ONA anime based on the gag comedy manga by  Kurii Cha. It is basically about a third-year high school student called Iroe and her two friends Hazuki and Makina, fellow plastic-modeling club members. 
The anime doesn't actually have a proper plot nor an actual story line. It is just a mix of non-sense situations that are extremely …

Anime Reviews in One Sentence Pt.2.

Well Hello there Minna, As promised in yesterday's anime review here is the second part of the One-sentence-long-review-challenge. I did the first part exactly one month ago and here is part 2. If you haven't read the first part yet, you can do it by clicking **THIS LINK** here. As said in the first part, it is really challenging to sum up and give a brief opinion about an anime show in only one sentence but it is possible. Last time I did the anime from A-M on my completed anime list and now it's time for the second half. Enjoy! 

NO GAME NO LIFE- This anime has a catchy and intriguing story that will catch your attention from the first moment you see the most popular NEED siblings in the anime world. 

NORAGAMI- Again an overly popular anime about a God that doesn't even have a shrine but will definitely make you love him due to his funny appearance yet strong character. 

ONE PUNCH MAN- I am sure that this is the most hyped anime in history which clearly doesn't have a…


Konnichiwa Minna-san, Right in the beginning I want to ask you to write in the comments down bellow a super-power, action anime like Kaze no Stigma, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, Fate/Zero etc. that you'd recommend. It is because I can't find a good anime like those were anymore. The last one I watched is the topic of this post, the review to be precise. To be honest, I didn't expect this anime to be good...but it was really good. Give it up for Charlotte.

PLOT AND STORY LINECharlotte is a drama, school and super power anime that would be perfect if it had more action. The story is interesting and catchy  but more in the last third of the anime. Of course the beginning introduces us to the setting and the characters but a little more action could have made it way batter. If you don't know what it's exactly about, I'll tell you: Charlotte is set in our every-day world with the exception that adolescents have some kind of super powers which they lose in time they finish …

Anime Girl in the Manga World

HELLO there Minna-san, It is me Anime Girl again and as you can see from the title today, I won't be talking about anime. Today I am writing a post from the manga and I think it was about time to.  First of all let me tell you this, I am not a huge manga fan and there are two reasons for that.  Firstly, the only manga I can buy  in my country are Naruto, One Piece and Death Note. That's all. I know, I have everything on the internet but it gets annoying to read it on the laptop. Good thing is, some time ago I came across this amazing app that you can download for free on Google Play. It is called Manga Rock and in it you can pick your manga source. I of course picked Manga Fox, but you can choose the one you prefer. You can also set a little star next to your favorite manga so you automatically get notified when a new chapter comes out. I love it and so I got rid of the first problem, leaving the second one: Be honest now, isn't it easier to watch the anime than read the compl…

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