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I hope you're all doing fine. It's winter break at last and I finally have some free time to write all the post I wanted to during the semester but couldn't. Today's post is the second in a series of posts called "Character Spotlight". In these posts I do some kind of character discussion about characters that are not so quiet popular but definitely deserve the spotlight. Last time it was Leila Malcal  from Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito and for this time I picked my probably favorite Naruto character, Konan of the Hidden Rain. Konan is in my opinion the strongest female character in the Naruto series (well, after Kagura that is) and has one of the best side/background stories in the anime. There are many reasons why I love her but I think the most important one is that she is a strong, independent woman. That's of course the type of character I love in almost every anime, but Konan is much more than just that. That's why today's Character Spotlight is devoted to her, Konan of the Akatsuki! Enjoy! 


Konan was a kunoichi from the Hidden Rain village and the one and only female member of the Akatsuki. She is, alongside Yahiko and Nagato, one of the founding members of the original Akatsuki. Their story dates back to the Second Great Ninja War, during which the three of them became war orphans. Soon they realized that they need to get stronger in order to bring peace to Amegakure. After meeting the three legendary Sannin from the Hidden Leaf Village, Jiraiya decided to stay with them and teach them how too look after themselves. Over time, he also taught them jutsu so that they defend their selves and control their powers. Jiraiya left them after three year and soon the tree orphans formed the organisation known as Akatsuki. Through out their quest for peace, the Akatsuki became well known in Amegakure and their ranks grew day by day. 
After Hanzo, the leader of Amegakure, started to feel that they might threaten his rule, he approached them and suggested to work together. But that of course was nothing but a lie. Soon after that his men captured Konan and brought her to a meeting where he ordered Nagato to kill Yahiko in exchange for her life. Even though Konan begged Nagato not to do it, Yahiko killed him self with the kunay in Nagato's hand. 
After accepting Tobi's offer of support, Nagato and Konan start recruiting S-rank ninjas into the Akatsuki and began to offer their services to ninja villages in order to earn money necessary for their long-term plans. Pain later on started the civil war with Amegakure, Konan acted as Pain's messenger, promising the people of Ame that he would bring peace to the village. 


When it comes to her abilities as a ninja, their are mainly based on her love and talent for origami which she developed when she was a child. By infusing chakra into her origami she was able to develop a unique and strong fighting style. She could turn her entire body and clothing into thousands of sheets of paper which she could control at will. When it comes to her strength, I can surely say that she was one of the strongest characters in the entire Naruto series. She was even able to fight Obito and give him a really thug time. He even had to use the forbidden jutsu Izanagi and sacrifice one of his eyes to save him self in her final attack. The fight between Obito/Tobi/Madara (whoever) and Konan was one of my favorite and most emotional fights ever. 

Konan, is a very smart, quite and level-headed person. As a child, Konan was bright and relatively cheerful. What stayed even when she grew up was her loyalty and care for her comrades. She always put Yahiko and Nagato's life in fron of her own. When it comes to loyalty, she was always at Pain/Nagato's said and had trust in him and his abilities. After acting as a intermediary between Nagato and the village, she was given the title "God's Angle" because when using her paper wings, she resembled one. 


Just as Jiraiya described Konan, she became "One Hell of a Woman" and so she is. Konan has short, purple hair and was always wearing a paper flower in her hair. She also has a labret piercing. Her eyes in the anime are amber colored with violet eye shadow. Her nails are also colored amber and she was usually wearing her Akatsuki cloak and ring, that has the kanji  "white" written on it. 


Konan is with great extend my favorite Naruto character. She is strong, caring and smart. She is a determinate young woman that protects those dear to her. She is a beautiful yet strong and powerful female warrior that thinks about her actions before acting and not relying on her strength alone. She is such a bad ass character that unfortunately wasn't given much screen time in the anime. Still what I saw from her was enough to give her the spotlight in this post! 


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