Let the 76th annual Hunger Games begin! 
But wait, we are not in Panem, we are in Japan. Soo, the survivor games are not called "The Hunger Games" but "Btooom!". Considering this, today's anime review would be "Btooom!"

 Plot and Storyline

As mentioned in the intro, this anime really reminded me of The Hunger Games. And now you'll hear why. The story is set in a world where currently a very popular game called Batoom! is infecting the life of millions all around the world. One of the world's best players is Ryouta Sakamoto. He is a need without a job that only lives for that game. One day he suddenly wakes up hanging with a parachute from a tree in a jungle. He didn't know where he was or what happened to him, but soon he will find out. While walking on that lonely island a man attacked him with bombs, trying to kill him of curse. That's when he realized. He was trapped on that island by the makers of Btooom! along with others being forced to play the game for real. The rules are the same as in the game. Use only bombs, and each player gets another type of bombs.You have to kill at least seven people and take their crystals if you want to escape the island alive. The thing I found most interesting about this anime is the way the players were selected. I don't want to spoil you that, but I promise that kinda represents the sickness of our society. 
This anime, how I think, is first of all a psychological one. The anime deals with the mind of people like non other. The whole time it was about the thought of killing others just to save your own life. What is more important, a life of someone or your own? A question that forced a lot of people to loose their mind on the island. But we also have the ones that didn't need a second thought and mercilessly killed to survive. The ones responsible for this kinda made of it a TV show but not everybody can watch it. What ever, the real-life-game looks like a psychology experiment done by a crazy scientist where he wants to understand the nature of soul it self. 
A cute, little romance is also also a part of this whole story. The fact that surprised me is that they kinda confessed to each other in the end, whats mostly unlikely in an anime to happen.  The
The show also doesn't lack in action and funny moments. It is an exciting story with no plot holes that only makes you want more and more. The only question that is left open in the end is "Where is season two?". Honestly now, this is not the greatest anime I've watched but it definitely deserves another season. Besides, the story is unfinished soo...


It is a psychological anime so it implies that you get the chance to "meet" each character and learn about their personality. You have a colorful bunch of characteristics from needs, to 14-year-old psychos and rapers. Here for you I have the two mains:

 RYOUTA  SAKAMOTO is a typical NEED character without a job in his twenties. As he later realizes he always cared just about his self, making it look like he does things for others. But despite that he knew that it is not human to kill others just to survive. Ryouta experiences a huge character development and becomes a responsible young man that knows what he has to change in his life. 

As one of the few female characters HIMIKO's life on the island becomes real hell. In the beginning of the story Himiko becomes a victim of raping and turns into a man hating girl right after that. In a situation of death or being raped she rather chooses death. That's a thing I admire about her. She later on gains trust in men after meeting Ryouta, but her fear never disappears. A strong female character that maked the story even more interesting. 


The animation of this anime is really good. I liked it. The action scenes and bombs are well done just like all the characters in this anime. The landscapes are also beautiful and mostly bright but also dark where it should be. There is nothing much to talk about animation. I'd give it a 8/10. Nice work! 


 This anime is definitely a show I would recommend you to watch. It is catchy, interesting, and enjoyable to watch. It is rich in action and all that psychological stuff makes you very curious.  What I have to say about this anime is that it honestly looks like a mix of Hunger Games and Sword Art Online, but it is not bad. 

It is rich in background stories but doesn't leave plot holes at all. I loved it, I think you will too, so give it a try.

Your AnimeGirl <3


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