Black Bullet: ANIME REVIEW

I hate bugs. And I think a lot of you share my hatred. Now imagine a world where you have bugs that are three, four or even five times bigger than you. Would you dare to fight them? Well in the world of this anime, you have no choice but to fight. Today's anime review a on MAL 7,51 rated show called BLACK BULLET.

Plot and Storyline

I would probably freak out in a world like this. In the near future a viral parasites named Gastrea broke out and defeated the mankind. Gatreas are basically bug-like monsters that kill people. But the biggest problem about them is that they can turn people into monsters when they infect them with the virus. Still, the virus can effect the people in another way. Imagine what happens when a pregnant woman is infected. Well, her child, and always a girl, turns into a "cursed child", being just a human but with special powers. The government uses those children to fight Gastrea together with Civil officers and always in pairs. One of the pairs are also the protagonist of our story. Enju and Rentarou became partners a year ago and have been close to each other since that day. Their strength was about to be proven after they were assigned to their   most important and dangerous mission. The prevention of destruction of their hometown, Tokyo.
The, let's say, main story was nicely done. A smooth development, no stupid adds and no plot holes. It was very interesting to watch and it definitely made me more and more curious with each episode. Still, I have one reproach. There is a side story in this anime which appeared somewhere in the middle and in the end. That "side story" was actually just an enormous plot hole. To be honest I didn't even understand what it was all about. It seemed so important but was bumped into half of an episode. The story could have lived even without it and I found it more confusing rather than interesting.
I felt like the story kinda carried a transparent layer of something we face everyday. It shows how society usually deals with the part of population that sticks out for a certain reason. Even though they might help and contribute to the society, people often abandon them because they are scared of changes. Even though the Gastrea-girls can help and even save society, there are still persons who hate and discriminate them. 
An interesting and catchy story that can help you to overcome boredom anytime a day. 


The characters in this anime are not that special, or rather not special at all. I mean it is a 13 episoded anime, and as expected it is too short for some awesome character developments. Still I liked one of the mains just because she was  awesomely cute and that's it. This time the two mains:

AIHARA ENJU is one of the cutest anime characters I've ever seen. She is always so optimistic and caring, yet determine and persistent. Enju is a strong ten-year-old and I am sure that she would have grow into a great character later on. Her main goal in the series, how I thought, was just a place she could belonged to. 

SATOMI RENTAROU is a...normal character. There is nothing much to talk about him. He is nice and caring and very strong because of his "metal"(or whatever that material is) arm and leg. He is also very brave and self-sacrificing. The moment I liked him the most is when he realized that he might have become a cold-blooded killer and became scared of that thought. 


Impressive. That's the word that describes the animation of this anime show. The monsters are nicely designed, not too much, not boring but special. The animation shone the most in the action scenes and I found it very enjoyable to watch. 


This is an action, Sci-Fi anime that is perfect for a lazy Sunday. Thirteen episodes are really enough to tell this kind of story. Funny moments made it even more amusing and the step-by-step developing story and a couple of little plot-twists fit in perfectly with the main plot. It is not one of the best anime I have watched so far but it is kinda cute and interesting so give it a try. I would rate it as a 7,67 soo...good enough. 

Your AnimeGirl <3


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