Psycho-Pass (2012) & Psycho-Pass 2 (2014)

It is the sci-fi anime of 2012 and 2014. The genres Sci-fi, Action, Police and Psychological were molten in one pot and out came a drug for your soul. I became highly addicted after a friend recommended me to watch it. I am sure that you will too, after you've watched Psycho-Pass. It is now one of my favorite anime and because the first and second season are basically the same I'll write about both of them in this review. Let's start...

Plot and Storyline:

This is one of the rare anime I can say that are brilliant. I love the plot, the story, the characters, animation, music....Everything! But let's concentrate for now only on the storyline and plot. It has that step-by-step story development, with no useless story-adds but with a couple of plot twists especially in the end. The end was such a surprise but hey, life is full of surprises. I don't know if it's because of the case investigations that made the anime so interesting (probably is because of that) but after you watch one episode you won't be able to stop. That's for sure. 
In short, you have a gripping plot that makes your brain work more than usual but enjoys it at the same time. 
The story is set in the near future when it's possible to measure the state of mind and personality of a person thanks to the "Sibyl System". The term "Psycho-Pass" refers to a standard used to measure an individuals being. Mostly measured is the crime-coefficient of a person to see if he/she is engaged in come crimes. 
In such a world, against crime, fights the police along with some criminals who have a "clouded psycho pass", or for no reason high crime coefficient. They are called Enforcers. One of the Enforcers is in the middle of our story together with the inspector of his group. Shinya Kougami and Akane Tsunemori fight side by side against Shougo Makashima, a criminal whose Psycho-Pass shows a crime-coefficient of 0. 
In both seasons, the main villain is trying to crush the Sibyl System. The only difference is that in the second season we have a new villain and some new enforcers and inspectors that replace the old ones. (It's hard to talk about both seasons without spoiling the first one)
What one and the other season have is that little extra that makes each season so interesting and a masterpiece on its own. The first season has Makashima, a brilliant villain that makes the show interesting just by his presence and talk. I had to write down some of his quotes. Here are two for you. 
"Humans are clever wolves not dumb sheep, we just convince our selves we don't know what's happening to avoid responsibility."
"Pleasures of the body have limits, but pleasures of the soul are infinite." 
The second season has definitely a more interesting case. It was just so ingeniously done that I had to finish it in one day.    
Still, both stories are awesome and not a waste of time.


The characters of this anime are the ones that give the show the special taste. Besides the whole anime is about personality and deep thoughts of the soul of each character. Added are some father-son and partner relationships that are like the whipped cream on the ice-cream. They are all special, unique and worth talking about but I'll just sum up the main 5 of both seasons.
She has the main part in both seasons. Inspector Akane Tsunemori is a prodigy child and a person who despite her work never got her psycho pass clouded. She is a kind and determine young woman whose main characteristic is to look and treat everybody, even criminals, as human beings. She really shows that there is faith in humanity. She had one awesome quote in the end of season 2:
"It is not society that determines people's futures. People determine the future of society".

 Shinya Kougami is the type of guy that hardly accepts any orders. He does everything in the way he thinks is the best. A very determine, strong and smart character. He also helped Akane to form her own character and made her believe in her self. I love Kougami and he sure is one of my favorite characters of all time. 

This guy is after the Joker from Bat-man( not an anime, i know, still...) my favorite villain. Shougo Makashima is so smart and special and drives everybody crazy with his calm behavior. He was always so self-confident and for a good reason of curse. I loved his smart speeches and quotes and my opinion... He deserves a place in the Hall of Fame of Anime Characters. 

She is the new inspector in the second season. Mika Shimotsuki is one of the three characters I hated in Psycho-Pass 1&2. She always thought that she was strong and independent but actually is a cry-baby and the one that mostly obeys others no matter what she things. Jealousy is what made her lose her way and I just hoped that she will never find her way back and just die somewhere. 

He is the villain of the wonderful season 2. Kamui Kirito. He always just looked for revenge for what happened in the past because of the Sibyl System. I thought of  all his actions just as an experiment, which in the end was one after all. A smart, interesting mix of characteristics made him a perfect antagonist of season 2. 


Do you remember the animation of Guilty Crown? The animation of this anime is anime is kinda on the same epic level. The colors, the character looks, the landscapes. Everything was just amazing. Maybe the amount of bloodshed was a bit too much, but you get used to it after a few episodes. Besides, there are anime worse than Psycho-Pass(Elfen Lied....just an example). 
The only thing, and it's a whatnot, I didn't like is the character look of Akane. What's with those eyes and forehead? Come on... Also worth mentioning is the ending of the first season. Egoist-All Alone With You is an awesome song that I still play from time to time. All Alone With You-Egoist


This is I think the longest review by now, but it's worth it. Such a great anime as Psycho-Pass definitely deserves attention. The story is amazing, the plot interesting, the animation epic...It is a masterpiece of an anime. In my rating a 9,75/10. (I am still waiting for the 10/10 to come out). 
I strongly recommend you to watch it if you haven't already.
 I loved it, you will too...
 Your AnimeGirl <3


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