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My Top 5 Favorite Hero vs. Villain Duos

Hello Minna, It's me, Anime Girl. I hope you're all doing fine.  Before writing a new anime review I thought about posting another "My Top 5" and here it is now. It took a while to decide the topic of this post but while browsing trough some forums I came across an interesting question regarding Akatsuki no Yona.  It made me thing about it and I suddenly got the idea for this post. So, here for you, MY TOP 5 FAVORITE HERO VS. VILLAIN DUOS

5.Van Hohenheim vs. "Father" (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)
I am sure that all of you know this duo. Not only did the anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood give us an amazing story, but it also gave us the perfect Hero vs. Villain duo. The father of our protagonists Ed and Al and the father of the homonuculi. Why I put them in my top5? Well obviously because of their story  but since I don't want to spoil sth. I wont talk much about it. Still the thing that makes these two so interesting are their looks which is again a…


You all probably know the feeling when you need to wait for season two of an anime to see how it ends. Awful right? But do you know what's worse than that? It is when you watch an 13-episode-long anime but they take an 5-month-long pause after the 9th episode. While waiting for the 10th episode of this anime I totally forgot about it and finished it just yesterday. And now here is the review for GOD EATER! 

Plot and Story LineFirst thing's first, the anime God Eater is actually an adaptation on the same-named game God Eater. Produced by Bandai Visuals, God Eater is an action, adventure, military and supernatural anime with a rating of 7,56. As I said in the beginning, the worst thing about this anime were the frequent delays, especially the one after the 9th episode. Now that the anime is finished and the story nearly complete, let´s discuss it. So, the story of God Eater takes place in post-apocalyptic Japan in the year 2071. The world was nearly destroyed due to monster-like cr…

My Top 5 Anime You Can Watch in a Day

Konichiwa minna! It's me again, Anime Girl. I am here with a new post devoted to the best anime that you can watch in one day. These are actually my favorite kind of anime because, as said in the post before this one, I get easily bored by the same thing. So, I prefer watching shorter anime. The problem is that anime with 12-13 episodes don't have the time for a solid plot to develop. But anime with 24-25 episodes do. I love them! So next time you have a day off, pick one of these anime and enjoy! And here they are: MY TOP 5 ANIME YOU CAN WATCH IN A DAY!

Noramagmi is a two-seasonal-anime with 12 and 13 episodes respectively. On a whole, the anime has 25 episodes and has a rating of 8,17 and 8,53 (per season). It is a very cute and interesting anime  placed in the genres action, adventure, shounen and supernatural. The story of Noragami is about a the self-proclaimed "Delivery-God" called Yato. Yato is dreaming of becomi…

My Top 5 Anime You Can Watch in Less Than 6h

Kon'nichiwa Minna,  It's watashi, Anime Girl. I hope you're all doing well. It's a lazy, rainy Sunday evening and I think you all know what fits perfectly with an afternoon like this. A short but good anime, round 12 episodes, desu ne? Good thing is that the anime world is full of short anime that you can watch in less than 6 hours. The problem: which one should you watch? Being someone that loves shorter anime, I probably have in my "completed" list an anime for you, and so I came up with the topic for this particular post: "My Top 5 Anime You Can Watch in Less Than 6h ". Enjoy!
N°5 ONE PUNCH MAN (2015) Do I really need to talk about this one? One Punch Man was probably the most hyped anime ever. Everyone was crazy about it and as expected it quickly hit the Top 20 of Anime on My Anime List. Ranked #15 OPM has a rating of 8.91 but after watching it, I gave it an 8. OPM doesn't have a story line to follow, nor a solid plot. Things just happen there…

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime: ANIME REVIEW

Good evening my dear anime folk, Maybe you remember from my previous post Fact and Stuff Anime Head Should Know the hair color symbolism in anime-the hair color describes the personality. BLACK, for instance, stands for an independent, mysterious, powerful character while BLUE means that a character is mature, wise, talented, introverted etc. The color that interests us for now is RED-passionate, enthusiastic, adventurous, dynamic and opinionated which are exactly the characteristics of our main character. Back in Summer 2015, this anime was quite popular but it was the red color that caught my attention a couple of days ago. One side-fact, I love red-haired-characters. So, I gave it a try, and now the review on : "Akagami no Shirayuki-hime" aka. "Snow White with the Red Hair". Enjoy!

-Plot and Story Line-To begin with some extra info: ranked #621 Akagami no Shirayuki-hime has a rating of 7.93 on MyAnimeList, which is just the right rating in my opinion. Akagami no S…

"Akatsuki no Yona" Needs Season Two

(A little spoiler alert in the beginning for those who haven't seen the first season!)

First of all hello my dear readers, I hope you're all doing well. I guess you already know from the title what this post might be about. If you didn't pay that much attention, no worreh, I'll tell you. This post is devoted to my probably favorite anime of all. What started as a story of a little 16-year-old princess became a tale I literary fell in love with. Action, adventure, drama, romance...Everything is mixed up in the story of Akatsuki no Yona aka. Yona of the Dawn. After I finished the anime I had to continue reading the manga which is actually unlikely for me, but I did it. I guess all of you that finished the anime recall the scene in the picture above-the highlight of the season. The moment Yona finally becomes a true warrior. Last thing we see in the anime, the group finally meets the last dragon, the Golden dragon called Zeno. What happens next is told in the manga...
Now, …

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