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How do you pronounce this anime's title? Is it /leid or /leed or /lead? There are a lot of people arguing about this. It is even a discussion topic on My Anime List. My answer: This anime's title takes its name from a German song that is featured in it. That's why, in my opinion, we should stick to the German pronunciation which would be /elfen leed, and when you translate it into English you get the title of the anime I am reviewing today, "Elve's Song". But because Elve's Song sounds kinda strange I'll keep on saying Elfen Lied. 

 Plot and Story Line Imagine now you live in a world where mutated homosapien beings called Diclonius exist. Sounds really creepy but looks so amazing and epic. Still, creepy. Exactly this describes the setting of Elfen Lied. It is dark, it is frightening yet good. One of the most important things that has to be said is that this anime does not lack in brutality and bloodshed. You really should not watch this with your young…

My Childhood Anime

While all the other kids in Bosnia were watching Cartoon Network cartoons, I ended up watching RTL II and Nickelodeon. Nick also had a lot of good cartoons like Danny Phantom, Avatar, The Fairly Odd Parents etc. Yet little AnimeGirl's favorite cartoons were ANIME of course. Although I had no idea what "Anime" actually were, I loved them. Even my mother told me once, while I was watching anime: "Oh, are those the cartoons you used to watch as a 5-year-old?". Now twelve years later I am still watching anime, but now knowing what makes anime so unique. I always say that now I am a "Full-Time" anime lover, AnimeGirl. Although I forgot most of the details of those Anime, I remember one thing. I loved them!  Another funny thing about my childhood is that after my parents left Germany and came back to Bosnia and Herzegovina they also brought a German TV receiver with them. And so I grew up watching only cartoons in German, Anime too. I have to admit that it h…

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