Death Parade: ANIME REVIEW

I don't know what's going on but recently I've watched nothing but anime that involve psychology and game-play. My last review was on Btooom! and it had that psychology and real-life-game-play stuff, but this anime...I never thought it would be so into psychology of a person, and not just that. It really got to the core of someone's soul. I have to admit that I was rather skeptical in the beginning, but I am so happy that I didn't give up on it. An outstanding show. 
Dear readers, DEATH PARADE! 



First thing you should know is that this anime doesn't have an actual story line. I mean it has,but take it like this. Like every anime and show, Death Parade has also the main story and the "side-stories" . The only difference is that in death Parade those "side-stories" are the main part of the anime. To make it easier to understand my as usual complex view I'll talk about both of them.
In the world of Death parade the dead ones are not sent into Heaven or Hell, but into the Void or they are being reincarnated. Some humans however, at the instant of their death come to the Quindecim and meet arbiters. The Quindecim is something like a bar where arbiters make the dead ones  to play some games like cards, twister, arcade etc. But not for fun. Those games are played for the reason of revealing the true nature of a person. After the game ends the arbiter sends the players either to the void or reincarnation. So now that we have all set, I talk about the main/side-story stuff.
In the middle of the story, as the main one, you have the arbiter Decim. They are not human and so they don't have emotions. But after meeting Kurokami he begins to feel something. Just to make it clear, it won't be a romance. His struggle between the rules as arbiter and the human feelings that are slowly taking over kinda reflect the craziness of the world we are living in. Everybody just wants money, fame and some irrelevant stuff while forgetting to be human. It had to be said. Maybe you won't feel the same, but I am really sensitive when it comes to humanity and the situation we live in.
Now we come to the side-stories. As said before the side-stories made the anime. The side stories are actually about the games and the background stories of the players. In every game participate two players, and while playing they are tested to the maximum. The games reveal the deepest thoughts and the very core of each soul. They show if a person is worth the reincarnation. I personally think that the games are brutal. I mean they take you to the maximum, to the turning point of what made you the person you are. That is the part that made me feel so sorry for all those people. You have a lone mother that has to care of five children, a man that took his own life, a brother and husband that want to revenge the women they love, a fighting couple in their honeymoon etc. Those people are dead, but still believe and pray for the one thing that makes them human. My personal side-story is the game between the boy-bend singer and his biggest girl-fan. It was funny, yet so emotional and I liked it very much. 
Death Parade is an outstanding story as a whole. I have never felt so much pain about each character. I laughed, I nearly cried, I was curious, I felt sorry, I wanted more but the end came at the twelfth episode. This Death Parade story has ended, but I believe there are ways of making an awesome second season. I am looking forward to it. 


Every character in this anime is special on its own. I mean, it is an psychological type of anime and if I went on talking about the unique personality of each character it would take me ages. Just in short, every character is specific and different, depending on the life they had. Their uniqueness made the story so catchy and amusing. Because of his importance I'll say a few things about Decim.

As said in the beginning, Decim is the main arbiter in the show. Always with a serious face, always professional and with huge respect of those who had a fulfilled life. The way he excused his self all the time made me like him so much. His motto as I think "I may be the one that gives the judgement, but that doesn't give me the right to be impolite". That's it. Even if he had power he remained kind and that's when a person becomes truly human. 


I didn't mention the amazing animation of this anime, did I? I didn't. Well it was amazing! It is maybe in the rank of Guilty Crown and Psycho-Pass, just outstanding. One thing about animation. Lately a good animation has become mainstream. I mean we are in 2015, and the strange animation of the anime in the first decade of 2000 is over. The only new thing a reviewer can say about the animation of an anime is that it is bad, but I don't think something like this will appear ever again. I am thinking of adding "Style" as one of the parts of my reviews. We shall see...


Well, we came to the end. I will make it short for you now because I think you have an anime to watch now. And it is probably Death Parade. It is as I said many times just amazing. The story is amazing, the characters are amazing, the animation, everything. No plot holes, no stupid adds and fillers, pure enjoyment. Catchy, interesting and emotional. 

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Your AnimeGirl <3


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