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Code: Geass-Boukoku no Akito/ Akito the Exiled: ANIME REVIEW

I am sure you've all been in a situation where you finish watching an anime and just say: "Where is more?". Also, I am 100% sure that you wanted more after watching one of the best and most popular anime in history. Ranked #18 and with a rating of 8,85 on MAL, Code: Geass made it easier for you not to miss it that much because we got another Code: Geass side story in July, 2012. I am talking about the 5-episode-long story named Boukoku no Akito aka. Akito the Exiled. I hope you'll enjoy this review just as much as I enjoyed watching the anime. So, shall we start?

Plot and Story Line I'll start right away with the first reason I loved Boukoku no Akito. The story of the exiled Akito is set in between the two seasons of Code: Geass and everything is happening in Europe. It shows us what is happening on the other side of World when in Japan the "Black Knights" are fighting Holy Britannian Empire and Zero appears to be dead. So, you have the year 2017 and the …

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