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Guilty Crown: ANIME REVIEW

First review request from a good friend of mine, I hope you like it!

Imagine this anime as a copy-paste document form Code Geass where the makers just changed the font style and color and maybe added or deleted a few sentences. Unlike other reviews I'll write this one as if we are living in an universe where Code Geass does not exist and just focus on this reviews topic, Guilty Crown.
A rating of 7,89 on MAL (My Anime List) is just right to describe the 22-episode-long anime that finished airing in 2012. The pros and cons of this series kinda cancel each other leaving a nice anime with an 35% approximate chance that I'll watch it again. Probably not...

Plot and Storyline:I don't know why, but if anime makers mess something up then it's always the end, or in this case the whole second half. Guilty Crown would be much better if it only had the 12 episodes it has in the beginning. The rest is nearly trash. The end was so rushed, the happenings were all so sudden and the  plo…

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