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Arslan Senki: ANIME REVIEW

I think I've finally found my favorite anime genre, ADVENTURE. After literary falling in love with Akatsuki no Yona in 2015 and other anime from previous years like Naruto, Fairy Tail, SAO etc. I realized that It's time for one more adventure anime. I actually started this anime a couple of months ago. After a friend recommended it to me, I watched the first three episodes, leaving it there until a week ago. I seriously don't know why I stopped watching it so I was glad I did. Better late than never would say.  Also maybe a bit late but I had to share my thoughts with you about this anime. On this lovely 30th of December, 2015 my last review for this year, ARSLAN SENKI

Plot and Story LineYou know, I sometimes really get surprised by the ratings on MAL. Arslan Senki is ranked as #643 and has a rating of only 7,91. An Adventure, Action, Historical and Fantasy anime like this really deserves a higher ranking.  "The Heroic Legend of Arslan" takes place in the prospero…

Noragami Aragato: ANIME REVIEW

I literary waited for four hours on the net for the last episode of this anime's second season. I couldn't wait to see what would happen because it was one of the most intriguing anime I have ever seen this year. After the very good first season of Noragami in 2014, the Fall 2015 season brought us Noragami Aragato, and believe me or not, this is one of the rare cases where I found the second season better than the first. This won't be a standard review because most of you probably know about characters and animation of Noragami. If not, check out my review on the first season under THIS LINK. And now let me review this. Just for you, NORAGAMI ARAGOTO

Plot and Story LineWhat else to say than PERFECT! I loved the story and the plot of the second season much more than of the first one. It was intriguing, inspiring, emotional, action-loaded etc. It was really awesome.  First of all the plot. It kinda consists of two parts. It was really surprising for Bishamonten to kinda be i…

Coming Up-Winter 2016

This year was definitely a great year for all anime lovers out there. Just remember Gangsta, God Eater, Death Parade, One-Punch Man, Noragami Aragoto, Tokyo Ghoul II etc. There were so many! Sure thing, the hopes for 2016 to be awesome are set high because of the anime of 2015. But what will the year 2016 really be like? We don't know for sure, but I took a peak at the Winter Anime Season of 2016 From the thing I saw, there were a couple of anime that  are bringing something new and fresh to the new season. Again some Shounen and Slice of Life, Action Thrillers, Fantasy, Magic, Supernatural...Just as always. Some anime did catch my eye and as the AnimeGirl I thought why not share some info with you out there. In this post an overview on three anime from the WINTER SEASON 2016. Enjoy! 
DIVINE GATE is a action, fantasy, Sci-Fi anime that is produced by a well known Production Studio-PIERROT. The same producers of three of my favorite anime Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul and Akatsuki no Yona. I…

Rokka no Yuusha/ Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers: ANIME REVIEW

A mystery, action, magic, fantasy anime. A ranking of #921 on MAL. A Pony Canyon Production (The producers of "Attack of Titan", "Fairy Tail", "Clannad"...). I really was optimistic about this anime and was looking forward to watching it. Now guess?  Yes, I didn't like it. I was so disappointed. True it wasn't that bad, but when you have high expectations, even the slightest bad can change your opinion completely.  This time, a review on a rather new anime, ROKKA NO YUUSHA. 

 Plot and Story Line This is again one of the stories based on an old legend, with a bit magic and a couple of heroes. Tough it differs a bit and has it's special taste. Now, off to the plot!  The story is set in, let's say, ancient times. The temples and backgrounds do kinda look like the towns of the Maya or the Incas. I loved the setting for this anime. In such old times, legend were a normal thing. On one of those legends is our anime based on. It's been told that…


It's the 15th of December my dear readers and anime fellows and I hope you all know what that means. Today is the day of all you anime and manga addicts that live in this crazy and colorful world. AnimeGirl wishes you a Happy World Otaku Day, and as addition I spent some time to draw something cute. I hope you like this drawing on the left ( Yes, I do draw a lot, especially in class). Being World Otaku Day I didn't care about my English book, that needs to be read until tomorrow. I spent my whole afternoon watching Noragami Aragoto which is by the way awesome. Can't wait to write a review on the second season. Episode 12/13 will arrive on Friday and I'm truly looking forward to watching it. I hope you also had a nice Otaku day and if Yes, tell me how you spent it! One more time, HAPPY WORLD OTAKU DAY and be safe!  Your AnimeGirl <3 

Still waiting...

The Pierrot Studios produced, in my opinion, a few of the greatest anime ever. "Naruto" and "Bleach" are enough to say but also "Tokyo Ghoul", "Kingdom", "Beelzebub"... In the Fall 2014 season they released one of my favorite anime. AKATSUKI NO YONA or YONA OF THE DAWN.

Now, the anime ends with the 47 chapter of the manga. And although I am reading the still airing manga (currently on chapter 108) I want more of the anime. And I am 100% sure that I am not the only one! 
And now comes the bad news. There is still no announcement for season two. Nothing! Pierrot is really keeping us on tenterhooks here! While others are celebrating about the new seasons of their favorite anime I have to sit here reading the manga that has some pages still written in Japanese. "Not for use", pff...This story about a princess that goes trough one of the greatest character developments really deserves a second season. It has so many unanswered quest…

Ao Haru Ride/ Blue Spring Ride: ANIME REVIEW

First of all I want to say that it was You who choose this anime to be my next review. In a google+ poll 133 voted and this anime won with 59% of all votes.  I actually never liked romance movies nor romance anime. I always thought that they were boring. Yet, one day I was feeling like I could watch a romance anime (i think it comes with the years) and I decided it to be a manga based anime that has a MAL rating of 7,95. From the makers of "Attack on Titan", "Psycho-Pass" and "Guilty Crown" came in July, 2014 my first romance anime: "Ao Haru Ride". 

Plot and Story LineIt's the first time that the MAL community rated an anime exactly as I did. I gave it an 8 (well 7,95 is close). The story is funny, cute, romantic and realistic. I never believed that I would say this one day, but I really enjoyed this romance. I loved it. Now let's get this started...
To the plot.
It's a fantastic story that, as I believe, happened to most of us at least…


As said in the title, FINALLY!  The release date for Tokyo Ghoul Season (III) is there!! The Pierrot studio has renewed the series for another season, slated to air sometime in 2016.The release date was previously set in Summer, 2015, but it didn't come. So hopefully it will air with the beginning of the New Year. 

Tokyo Ghoul was named 27th best-selling manga series in Japan in 2013 and  the 4th best-selling manga series in Japan in 2014.
I am still reading Tokyo Ghoul:re and I am so excited to see what Sui Ishida will do different now, since we actually get two stories-one in the manga and one in the anime. Although there are a lot of guys hating the fact that the anime and manga are not the same, I like it. I mean you get two Tokyo Ghoul stories at the same time. If you ask me which one is better, I think I'd say...The Anime.
The manga is also fantastic but it kinda concentrates too much on violence and brutality. And don't say now I am a little girl who can't stand dr…

Noragami (2014): ANIME REVIEW

After two months of watching Fairy Tail and still not being done with it, I decided to take a short break with another anime. I did miss the good, short 12-episode-long anime and it was a very good one this time if I may add. A lot of people actually hate short anime, but I like them because they omit the worst possible thing that can happen. The middle-episode catastrophe. Anime such as Zetsuen no Tempest, Guilty Crown etc. are a perfect example. But let's quit talking about that and concentrate on this anime's review: NORAGAMI!

Plot and Story LineAs expected from a #348 ranked anime on My Anime List, Noragami was very good. After thinking about whether to rate it as a 7 or 8, I gave it a 7. It is a good one but not as good as Mirai Nikki, SAO, NGNL, Gnagsta or Gosick that have a rating of 8. But what is it now about, is the question? Up to the setting... The world of Noragami is divided into two parts: The Near Shore, the place where people recide, and the Far Shore, or the so…

Zetsuen no Tempest/ Blast of Tempest (2012)

I am writing this anime review circa one year after watching it. I did have to "refresh" my memories but some things were not forgotten. For instance the fact that you can relate the whole story to Shakespeare's "Hamlet" and "The Tempest". What's funny the anime has Tempest in its title, and considering this, today's anime review is on "Zetsuen no Tempest" or " Blast of Tempest".

It's really hard to decide where to start this story. Let's try it like this. You have a brother whose adopted sister has been killed. The boyfriend of the sister is his best friend, but he doesn't know that. Then there is a princess who is the strongest mage in the world but  has been left on a lonely island by her own clan because she would stop them in some evil plan. One day, their paths cross and the story of Zetsuen no Tempest begins. 
Hakaze Kusaribe, the princess of all sorcerers was stuffed into a barrel and …

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