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Four Most Annoying Prejudices About Anime

How many times has it happend to you? You mention anime and there in the corner sits the typical hater and says something like: "Anime? Are you kidding me? Why do you watch that?". And when I say typical hater I mean that person that talks bad about stuff even though he/she has never tried or watched it before. This post is devoted to all those who have prejudices about or even hate what we otaku love so much without knowing what it actually is. Welcome to ANIME 101: Today I'll be explaining four of the most annoying cliche prejudices about anime. I hope you enjoy and learn something at the same time. 📖
First of all, guess what is the first thing every non-anime watcher asks. Of course, Aren't you too old to watch anime? Anime is for kids. So let's clear this out right in the beginning. No, anime is not just for kids. True, there are many anime that are aimed at that age-group including the ones we all watched as kids. Examples are of course Pokemon, Digimon Adve…

Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil): ANIME REVIEW

We have seen so many gods in anime, right? Well, this anime takes the god-man relationship on a whole new level. The first 2017 anime I am reviewing today is a Military, Action, Magic anime produced by Media Factory and AT-X rated with a 8.21 by the users on My Anime List. According to the rating it must be good...and trust me when I say, it really was. Enjoy my review on Youjo Senki aka. Saga of Tanya the Evil.

Youjo senki follows little Tanya, a girl whose cute appearance sometimes covers up her evil and ruthless self that got her the nickname "Devil of the Rhine". The 'devil' that resides inside of her body is the soul of a man that was reincarnated as a little girl into a world of magical warfare. In the moment of his death, the man meets 'Being-X', the self-proclaimed, God that wants to convince the man into believing in GOD. He of course refuses, and so gets reincarnated into a cruel and rough world where he would find his faith. …

Anime Battle (A Blessing to This Wonderful World vs. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)

Greetings Minna-san, Guess what's up today...Well I guess you see from the title...Welcome to another Anime Battle here on World of Anime Girl. As always, I'll be your host, Anime Girl and I hope you'll enjoy today's battle. Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments bellow, don't be shy. For those of you who don't know what I am doing here here is a short intro. Anime Battle is kind of a section here on my blog, where I pick two anime, that seem similar with the topic and discuss them in three rounds Plot and Story Line, Characters and Animation. In the end I pick one winner according to the previous rounds. I have already done a couple of them and if you want to see them click THIS LINK. Now, without further ado, ring free for A Blessing to This Wonderful World aka. Kono Subarashii ni Shukufuko (Link to Review) VS. Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? aka Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru (Link to Review)


My Thoughts on TALES OF ZESTIRIA THE X (2017)

Greetings Minna-san and welcome to the first review of the Winter 2017 season. I did not watch and I actually didn't plan to watch many anime form that season because I personally didin't see many shows that would interest me. The only ones I want to give a chance are Youjo Senki (Tha Saga of Tanja the Evil) and the second season of Ao no Exorcist (The Blue Exorcist).  For today, I have some kind of shorter review on Tales of Zestiria the X 2017. Since I already did a review on the first season, which was just continued in 2017, I'll just share my thoughts on this one. Here is the link for the review of the first season and without further ado, let's get into it. Enjoy!

So, first thing that I have to say about this season of Tales of Zestiria the X is how much depth it actually has in the story. The story gets much more serious and you actually feel everything whats happening. Especially the story of Rose and her background. It really gave her character some personality …

NO GAME NO LIFE Gets Anime Movie This Summer

New update on NO GAME NO LIFE! 
After the announcement of the movie No Game No Life Zero the team was of course present at the Kodakawa booth on AnimeJapan 2017 in Tokyo just this weekend. In short, the PV Trailer was screened for the first time and with that they also revealed the official release date, which is set for July, 15th 2017. 
The story of the movie is again set in the gaming world of Disboard, where each conflict is solved, well trough games. 6 thousand years ago there existed two siblings, Shiro and Sora that were undefeated in every game they played and so fought the great war of eternity 'tearing heavens apart and killing starts'. The legends about Shiro and Sora was kept up until now but the story that wasn't told before  is about to be revealed.

The PV trailer (link here) looks promising. The story sounds really interesting and I definitely can't wait to watch it. What's also important to mentioned is the breathtaking animation and style that makes N…

BORUTO Chapter 11: Manga Discussion

Greetings Minna-san,  The first Boruto episode is just 15 days away and I seriously can't wait to watch it. Today, as a monthly release, the first chapter of the second Boruto manga arc came out and of course, I read it immediately. 

The first arc, that was somewhat covered in the movie, ended with a great twist that promises much excitement in the chapters to follow. After defeating Momoshiki his ghost appears before Boruto and remarks his bloodline of Senju mixed with Hyuuga making an ominous prophecy for the blue-eyed-kid: "Those blue eyes of yours will one day take everything away form you...for once you have killed a god, you'll never be the same again."It is later revealed that he leaves Boruto with a curse mark on his palm. Chapter 11, begins with a new mission for Konohamaru's team. Sarada, Boruto and Mitsuki must catch three thieves that robbed a bank in the village.  Of course, Boruto is not all in it, still thinking about the talk he had with Sasuke before…

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