QuanZhi GaoShou (The King's Avatar): ANIME REVIEW

Based on a Chinese web serial novel, Chinese producers, animated in a Chinese studio and all in Chinese dub. Can we still call it anime? I am not so sure about that but I stumbled upon this show on My Anime List and I decided to give it a try. I was about to give it up right in the first episode because of the annoying language but I am glad I didn't. Quanzhi Gaoshou aka. The King's Avatar turned out to be a great and entertaining anime that is definitely worth your time and here's the review to it. Enjoy! 

STUDIO: G.CMay Animation & Film
GENRE: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Game

Plot & Story Line 📜

Quanzhi Gaoshou aka, The King's Avatar follows Ye Xiu, a top-tier professional player in the multiplayer game Glory. In the world of Glory he is known for his amazing techniques and skill giving him the nickname "Battle God". After he is forced to retire and give up his gaming career, he finds work at a nearby internet cafe. After launching its tenth server, Ye starts the game anew with a new avatar: Lord Grim. Ten years of playing were easily noticed by the newbies and later on also by other pro players. Everyone is now interested in the player behind Lord Grim as he plays his way to the Glory's summit again. 

I was rather skeptical in the beginning expecting another isekai themed anime, but man was I wrong. The story isn't exactly set in a fantasy/game world, but it rather moves from the real world to the game and back again. On one side, it follows the reality of the gamers, the pro-players, the different clubs and all about the gamer world. Then suddenly, when the main characters start their mission we're instantly teleported to that amazing fantasy world of Glory. Action loaded battles, amazing fights and entertaining game strategies are just the beginning of the journey that Lord Grim and his comrades take us on.

Still the core of the story remains Ye's struggle in the gamer world. Taking the forced resignation casually, he continues playing not out of spite, but because of his love towards Glory. He doesn't care that much about his revenge but enjoys making the other pro-players look bad in fights. I found that the most entertaining part of the show which unfortunately ends halfway. Will we have a second season and will we see Ye at the top again, I don't know. But I am definitely hoping for a second season soon. 
In short, The King's Avatar is an exciting story that shows the best and the worst of both worlds. It takes you on a thrilling adventure both in game and reality. After its rush development in the beginning, the story does slow down somewhere in the second half which kinda chills the excitement you build up before. Gladly it didn't end like that but with an somehow epic seasonal finale. 

Characters 👦👩

The characters in The King's Avatar weren't that special nor unique but still an interesting and diverse bunch of personalities. Our main character, Ye Xiu is a cool, simple minded and down-to-earth character, who doesn't enjoy the lime light that much. His career as a pro-player didn't revolve around fame and money but was solely devoted to playing Glory because he loves it. He is also an extremely clever individual always coming up with interesting strategies to complete his missions and quests. Another character I found quite interesting was his best friend/love interest Su Mucheng. She is know as the 1st Beauty of Glory and definitely deserves the title. On of the few female pro-players in Glory with exceptional skill and technique. She has a sweet and caring personality but becomes an unstoppable warrior in the game. 

Animation & Style 💻

Literary candy for your eyes. It's been a while since I've seen such a great animation. The scenery, the backgrounds, the character design, the fight sequences, visual effects, everything was just breathtaking. I think animation was the one thing that kept me watching this anime when the language gets way too annoying. The King's Avatar proves how animation can blend out other little flaws such as plot holes, a bad plot twist, boring characters or even when the ONA is in Chinese.

Conclusion 📌

When I started watching this anime I though: Okay Lejla, you watcher Boruto: Naruto the Movie in Korean, you can also watch The King's Avatar in Chinese. It was a struggle but it was worth it. The anime pictures an exciting and interesting story full of adventure and action loaded fights. Though the characters could have been given a bit more personality but the animation definitely accounted for all the little flaws the anime had. It is one of the better anime from the Spring 2017 season and you should certainly give it a try. 


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