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Yo Minna-san,  I hope you're all doing fine. It's winter break at last and I finally have some free time to write all the post I wanted to during the semester but couldn't. Today's post is the second in a series of posts called "Character Spotlight". In these posts I do some kind of character discussion about characters that are not so quiet popular but definitely deserve the spotlight. Last time it was Leila Malcal  from Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito and for this time I picked my probably favorite Naruto character, Konan of the Hidden Rain. Konan is in my opinion the strongest female character in the Naruto series (well, after Kagura that is) and has one of the best side/background stories in the anime. There are many reasons why I love her but I think the most important one is that she is a strong, independent woman. That's of course the type of character I love in almost every anime, but Konan is much more than just that. That's why today's Chara…

Fate/ Grand Order: First Order Anime Discussion

The first anime on my "to watch list" of the new Winter 2017 season happened to air right after New Year's Eve. It was actually one I was really looking forward to, but in the end I can just say that I was really disappointed. A side story of the original Fate series, Fate/ Grand Order aired its first part on January 1st-The First Order. Now let's discuss my disappointment in more detail.

PLOT AND STORY LINE When I read the synopsis on the internet my first though was, that this could be really interesting. Finally someone realized that the Holy Grail War represents a threat to society and that someone is finally willing to take care of it. I thought this will again be an interesting and intriguing Fate story, with amazing characters and highly entertaining fights, but I was so wrong. As for the story I've never seen more rush in any other anime than in this one. Everything happens for no reason, suddenly and out of nowhere. In addition to that....Plot Holes. Pl…

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