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CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT-Leila Malcal (Code: Geass-Boukoku no Akito)

Good Evening Minna-san, Are you ready for something new in the World of Anime Girl? How about some character discussion? I wanted to do this post for some time but never knew where I should start, or better said with whom. But tonight, while browsing trough my anime list, I figured out which character deserves the spotlight in the first "Character Spotlight" post. She is one of my favorite characters ever and has almost the same name as I do. She is a strong and independent female lead character in the side-story of one of the most amazing anime ever. I am Leyla and from Code: Geass-Boukoku no Akito, I present  you: LEILA MALCAL! Enjoy!
HER STORY 📜Code: Geass-Boukoku no Akito is a side story of the original Code:Geass that takes place on the European Battle Front. It is a really good side story that tells us what is going on on the other side of world in time Lelousch fights Britania in Japan. In such a setting we encounter Leila Malcal. She is the daught…

Answering Questions from MAL Forums pt.3

Oi Minna-San, I hope you've missed the Anime Girl because today she's back with one more "Answering Questions" post here on World of Anime Girl. I don't know why, but I love this kinds of posts the most because I love expressing my opinion. And there is no better way of expressing your opinion than answering questions. So, once again, I picked a couple of questions from My Anime List and now they're about to be answered by Anime Girl. 
Do you judge Anime by its COVER? 😏
Uhm..Da! I am not particularly sure why I do that but the reason for that is probably that I care much about visuals. I just cannot watch something that doesn't look good. Best example for that is Kill la Kill. I just hate the way the characters, especially the main one looks like. And I saw that from the cover. I do judge, but I usually do it in a positive way. There were many anime that I decided to watch just because of the cover...So in conclusion...Yes, I judge anime sometimes by its c…

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: ANIME REVIEW

Welcome, welcome my dear otaku comunity! Before I start with today's post I'd like to remind you of a certain date that is coming up. Next Thursday on December 15, Otakus all over the world are celebrating the World Otaku Day and so should you! I want to do something special on my blog on that day so I'd like you to give me some ideas in the comments bellow.  As for today's post it will be a something I haven't written in a long time. It's review time here on World of Anime Girl and I'll be reviewing an anime I just watched yesterday. I actually never wanted to watch it because i thought it would be stupid, but it wasn't. It was actually pretty good.  To all the guys out there, it can be really annoying if you flirt with a girl while playing MMOs, especially in a dungeon. Never ever try to pick up a girl in a dungeon and here is why: Enjoy reading my review on the anime Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?/ Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Ma…

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