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Sukitte Ii na yo/ Say I Love You: ANIME REVIEW

I am really not sure what's going on with me, but recently I am into romance/slice-of-life anime. I found them always so boring but they become quite interesting because of all that drama that happens. Not to mention that they are usually 12 or 13-episode-long, which makes them perfect if you just want to relax. I saw a short video on instagram for this anime and I instantly wanted to watch it. And here is, a few days after I finished it, the review on Sukitte Ii na yo or Say "I Love You". 

  Plot and Story Line
Say "I Love You" follows our main character Mei Tachibana trough her high school life. After an incident in middle school, where all her so-called friends turned their backs on her she decided to stay away from people as far as possible. She never wanted to have friends again because she didn't want to go trough the same experience again. Her method seemed to work until a certain guy showed up and changed everything. That boy happens to be Yamato Kur…

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes: ANIME REVIEW

Konnichiwa Minna, You've all probably heard the quote "Monsters are not born, monsters are made". Well, if I should describe this anime in only one sentence, then I'd definitely use this quote. It's an action, adventure, fantasy and magic anime produced by Lantis and  Media Factory. With a score of 7.85 it is ranked 745 on My Anime List. Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu, or as in English, The Legend of the Legendary Heroes...The review. Enjoy!

   Plot and Story Line  
When you look at the title of this anime, you'd most probably think that it is all about some amazing legends of some strong heroes from the past and so did I, but it came different. It was all fantasy, action and adventure but it was not nearly as good as expected. Thing is, what I thought would be a story about legends and stuff, was more a story about "monsters" that were created by humans them selves. Those monsters posses the "Alpha Stigma"- eyes that can analyze any type of …

Things That Can Spoil an Anime

Konbanwa anime folks,
I hope you are all doing fine and ready for a new post here on World of Anime Girl. Whether it is a bad soundtrack, boring fillers or a stupid main character. There are quite a lot of things that can make you not like an anime that much. I went trough my anime list and wrote down some of the things that I found bad about the anime I've watched. And here for you, the things that can spoil an anime-Anime Girl opinion.
The Copycat
I know it's probably hard for the anime makers to come up with something new every here and there and I guess it is okay if some anime have similarities. But...It is really annoying when you literary copy-paste elements of one anime into another. Representing Copycats-Ajin and Guilty Crown. Both of them are really good anime, but it is pretty disturbing knowing that you saw the exact same things in other anime too. Okay, a you made a story about a half demon in Ajin, but do the characters really have to look like the ones in Tokyo Ghoul…

Coming up-Summer 2016

Hey Minna, how are you all doing? We are kinda in the middle of June and I guess every otaku knows what that means. Summer 2016 season is coming and I have to admit that I am really excited because of some anime. Because of that I decided to introduce you to a couple of anime that will start airing this July, hopefully. Just like I did with the post Coming up-Winter 2016, here are for you the anime I am looking forward to watching this Summer. By the way, it's officially the 60th post in this blog so, enjoy!

 Tales of Zestiria the X 
On July 3rd the game Tales of Zestiria will finally get it's anime adaptation titled as Teales of Zestiria the X. I really can't wait to watch this action, adventure and fantasy anime produced of course by the Bandai-Namco studios. The story follows Sorey, a young human who grew up among seraphim, spiritual beings not visible to other humans. He believes in the folk legend that says 'long ago, every human was able to see the seraphim' dre…

Owari no Seraph/ Seraph of the End: ANIME REVIEW

Well hello my dear anime fellows, This is Anime Girl with another review on an anime I finished just a couple of days ago. You know, I've never been a huge fan of vampires. It became such a mainstream story and I hate mainstream. Yet, I made my self to watch this vampire anime. I did it because it is not that usual 'stab the vampire with a dagger in the heart to kill it' story, but more...anime like. In the end, I really liked it. Give it up for the review on Owari no Seraph.

 Plot and Story Line 
Owari no Seraph is an action, supernatural and drama anime that aired in 2015. It has two seasons: Owari no Seraph and Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen. The MAL community rated it as a 7,66 which is in my opinion just the right rating for this anime. When it comes to the plot of Owari no Seraph, it is set in a post-apocalyptic  world in which a virus kills all those above 13. In such a world, Yuuichirou and Mikaela, two boys from the Hyakuya orphanage, became livestock for the vam…

Answering Questions from MAL Forums Pt.2.

Installing these MMO games is so annoying. I mean why does it always take so long? Right now I am installing Tera and while doing that I thought what I could do in the meantime. I firstly thought about writing a new review but I am too tired to do that.  So I came up with this. Not exactly a new topic, but new questions. My Anime List forums are full of interesting and funny questions that just wait to be answered. This time, again, I picked 5 questions I came across and here are the answers. Anime Girl answering questions from MAL forums, again. 

1.How do you decide whether you will watch a particular anime or not?This is a really good question. Let's see how I do it? Well there are a couple of things I consider before I decide. Definitely the first thing is My Anime List. I check some things like score, ranking, who the producers are, genre too etc. Also very important, I read the summary.  Next thing I do-You Tube. But I do not watch trailers, because they usually don't have su…

Schwarzesmarken: ANIME REVIEW

Yo Minna! Why not recall what happened to Germany after WWII? Germany was split into the "Bundesrepublik Deutschland" (west) and the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik-East Germany) and they kinda hated each other but it was more a reaction due to the Cold War. So you probably ask why is this related to an anime review? Well, the setting of this anime is an alternative version of East Germany in the 1980s. I was wondering if there was an anime that has that "after WWII" setting and this anime was close to it. The title was supposed to be in German with the meaning "Black Marks", but it ended up being a grammar flop in my opinion. What should be "Schwarze Marken" became "Schwarzesmarken" in the end and here is the review to it.

Plot and Story Line
As said in the intro, the plot of Schwarzesmarken tkes place in an alternative version of East Germany in the 1980s. West Germany is also there and as our history books, the anime too, shows th…


Yo Minna, what's up?! The anime in this review is quite interesting. You firstly have the main character, a black-haired little boy who is some kind of study nerd that suddenly becomes a half-human, half-demon like creature. Then there is his best friend (or ex-best friend, whatever). A blond guy that does not care about school that much. And then there is a old, white-haired man with always closed eyes (you that , when they draw eyes like a thick line in anime) that wants to help him, when the government wants to catch him. Oh, and not any branch, a special unit of the government made just to catch those "monsters". No guys, this won't be a Tokyo Ghoul review, I already did that one. It is the first review on a 2016-anime, AJIN. Let the critics begin.

PLOT AND STORY LINEYou know how everyone sees Guilty Crown as a Code Geass rip-off. Well, Ajin is even worse. It took so many obvious segments of Tokyo Ghoul, you can't even believe that they actually did that. Guilty…

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