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Facts an Anime Head Should Know

When you scroll down a bit you'll see the first of two posts I wrote for all the Anime Newbies out there. I wrote some fancy advice for all the guys that just got here, to the huge World of Anime. Of course, only advice wouldn't be enough, and so I am here writing part two of Anime for Newbies, this time with some facts and stuff that every ANIME HEAD should actually know. Now I wonder where to start. Let's try with the question: What does the word ANIME actually mean? The word ANIME simply just means Animation when translated from Japanese. Yet, in the whole world it is used to define animated cartoons that are produced by Japanese or in Japan. Before Anime became so widely known, so until the 1980s, the word JAPANIMATION was used to describe animation made in Japan. One more thing about the word ANIME: Since it is a Japanese word, and they don't have plurals, the plural form of ANIME is ANIME and not ANIMES. 
What is the one thing that defines most of Anime character?

ANIME Advice for Newbies

This post is devoted to all you guys who just got to the huge World of "Japanimation". A short post for all you that need some advice on how to make it trough the this mess we call ANIME! Why I decided to write a post on this topic? Easy, I remember me being an "Anime-beginner", and because I know what you're going trough now, I decided to write the next, actually two  posts just for you. And now, on this lovely Tuesday evening,the first post for newcomers: ANIME Advice for Newbies.
First of all, WELCOME! As I said in the beginning, I remember me, turning into a "Full-time Anime Girl" and how it was hard to find something good to watch, or something I might like. And here we come to my first advice for Anime newbies: 1.Talk with someone with the same interests as you-The person that drew my attention to anime was my best friend and as such, she knew exactly what I like and what not. You also probably have someone close to talk to about anime. If not, he…

Thank You for the 10.000

What a great day! Why? Well if you look at the "Total Pageviews" number on my blog you'll see the number 10.028. World of Anime Girl reached its 10k pageviews today and it's only because of you. And I want to thank you! Hvala, Thanks, Danke, Arigato, Merci, Xiexie, Grazie, Gracias, Tesekkür ederim...(I used as many as I know)!  When I look back on the 28th of July, 2015, and my first blog-post, I'd never imagined I will come this far. And look, 44 posts later and I got to the 10k. My first anime review was on the anime "Another", and my first non-review post was "Anime on TV". I have to say that I improved much since that time. 

I'll make this post short because I just wanted to thank YOU, because you are readying all this stuff I write. If you like it, hit the SUBSCRIBE button, or find me on intagram @aniblogger, twitter @AnimeGirl_03 and on My Anime List also under AnimeGirl_03! And for those who maybe don't like my blog...okay, just t…

5 Centimeters per Second: ANIME REVIEW

I don't know what is happening to me, (lol) considering the fact that I never liked romance and love stories. Today, I felt like watching one and I decided to take a glance at an anime movie that is kinda popular out there. I was very excited about it, but in the end it was just okay. It wasn't good, just okay. I'm talking about Byousoku 5 Centimeter or in English 5 Centimeters per Second.

I'll write this review just as I did yesterday with Boruto, without the usual review parts.

The story of 5 Centimeters per Second is about two friends, Toono Takai and Shinohara Akari. They are very close friends and really care about each other being also in the same class at elementary school. Everything changes when Akari moves away. Still, the two remain in contact and write letters to each other. Soon after, Takai finds out that he too will be moving far away, and so he decides to visit Akari one more time. And life being life again they slowly lived apart, but never forgetting ea…

Boruto:Naruto the Movie: ANIME REVIEW

I don't know if you get this feeling sometimes, but from time to time I just don't feel like watching an anime. Especially when I just finish watching one. What do I do at times like that? Easy, I watch an anime movie. Some time ago, I wasn't aware that movies can be as good as the anime it self. And today I watched a very special movie. After introducing us Boruto in Naruto: Gaiden and The Last: Naruto the Movie, Masashi Kishimoto decided to make one more movie about the new generation in The Hidden Lead Village. Today's review, on Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

Since it is just a movie, I'll skip my usual review sections and just talk about it freely. But first of all, SPOILER ALERT (If you haven't read the Naruto manga til the end)!
Naruto, finally grown up, finally the HOKAGE. His dream, and our dream I think finally came true but it is not that easy, even for the hero of the village. Even tough he is Konoha's hero, he is also has to be the hero of little Him…

Answering Questions from MAL Forums

As a part of the MAL community, I often browse trough all the forums out there and give my opinion to various questions. There sure are a lot questions. Very stupid ones, but also very interesting ones. As for the interesting ones  yesterday, I decided to pick 10 questions from the MAL-forum and share my answers with you on this blog. There were some questions for which I had an answer right away, but some on the other hand took some time for answering and I really had to think about them. In the end I'd also like you to give your answers in the comments bellow, I want to hear your answers too. So don't hesitate and now let's see which questions I picked from My Anime List forums. 

1.Most unique anime characters?This is a very good question. So what are the most unique characters I have seen in anime so far? I looked trough my Anime List and decided. So these are not my favorite characters but definitely the characters that stand out with their personality like non other.

The Perfect Anime!

Lately, I've been browsing trough the forum on My Anime List and I came across a very interesting question. The topic of the discussion was something like "What makes an anime perfect?". There were many answers and being as curious as I am I checked them out. I did just flicked trough but I grasped the stuff that people value the most on an anime. Here are some answers that caught my eye (I hope nobody gets mad because I quoted them :D) :

In this 40th blog-post, I'll write my usual anime review structure but not on a particular anime. I'll write, or at least try to write a review on My Perfect Anime! I believe this will be fun. Now let's start.  
Plot and Story LineHow does a perfect anime Plot and Story Line look for the AnimeGirl? Well the first thing that comes to my mind is that it has to be intriguing and it has to keep you on tenterhooks the whole time. It must not have any minute of boredom. Just as the first quote above "A masterpiece can't hav…

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