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Violet Evergarden (2018): ANIME REVIEW

Do you have any idea of how long I have waited for this anime to come out. I have added it to my plan-to-watch list from the time when the first visuals came out. I was instantly hooked by its animation and little did I know that the story will get to me equally as much. Setting new standards in the cute girl universe KyoAni gave us a spectacular tale in the Winter 2018 season. In today's review section of World of Anime Girl: Violet Evergarden. Enjoy!

STUDIO: Kyoto Animation
GENRE: Slice of Life, Drama, Fantasy
Plot and Story Line If I were to explain Violet Evergarden in one sentence I would say that it is an emotional tale of a girl finding her purpose in life and peace withing her self. Still, one sentence is way to little to explain the depth of the story and actually demeaning considering the brilliance of this work. Violet is firstly introduced to us lying in a hospital, heavily injured after her long battles in the Great War. For mos…

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