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How to Watch the Fate Series??

What started as a series of visual novels has over time developed into a super successful franchise of various manga, anime, movies, and games. Everyone who is a bit into anime knows about the franchise and it is really hard not to, considering that every new season brings another work from Type-Moon's Fate Universe

The whole Fate franchise is set in a fantasy universe where magic exists and mages are the main characters. In such a world exists an omnipotent, wish-granting device, known as the Holy Grail that materializes itself approximately every sixty years (according to the main Fate storyline). In order to obtain the Holy Grail and have one of his/her wishes granted, the grail chooses seven mages to fight for its possession in a battle royale known as the Holy Grail War. In order to fight, each mage summons a servant, a heroic spirit from the past who has achieved great deeds in his/her life and become an object of worship after his or her death. The servants are summoned …

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