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FAIRY TAIL 528: Manga Discussion

I think it was about time. I was thinking about doing this for some time now, but never actually get the chance. Since I don't watch many currently airing anime to discuss each new episode, I decided to do manga discussions. From now on, visit World of Anime Girl each week and take a glance at the currently airing manga I am reading which would be: Fairy Tail, Akatsuki no Yona, ReLIFE and Boruto (if the manga continues that is). And the first chapter to be discussed today, Fairy Tail chapter 528: "Evil Dragon". Enjoy!

After a long and emotional fight with her mother Erza and Wandy encounter their next enemy, but this time it is not someone they hope to be able to defeat. In front of them, Acnologia, who is enjoying in stomping on Eileen's (Erza's mother) dead body. Soon, he figures that Wendy is a dragon slayer and he starts to attack. Luckily for the two, Jellal arrives and saves them. However, his attacks seem useless because Acnologia just de…


"I am Uzumaki Naruto. I like cup ramen. But I like ramen at Ichiraku that Iruka-sensei bough for me even more. I hate the three minutes that I have to wait after I put in the hot water. My hobby is to eat and compare cup ramens! And my dream is to become greater than the Hokages! I'm going to make all the villagers recognize my existence."Well Naruto, you did it.

I have been thinking about doing this post for some time now, yet I decided to write it after episode 500. Yes, Naruto Shippuden ended after 500 episodes on March 23, 2017. Well it wouldn't be Naruto if the anime didn't end with filler episodes, yet it was really emotional. I must admit, I found it a bit poor but it still made me almost cry in a couple of moments. Okay, I did cry after Naruto asked Iruka-sensei to attend his wedding as his father. It was so emotional and moving, connecting the first and the last episode in such a way. Nevertheless, I am not doing an episode discussion here but some kind o…

SPRING 2017 Anime Preview

I just hope I am not late for this one. It is March 25 and the air is full of spring vibes. The sun is finally shining, the weather is great, birds are singing yet all the anime community is waiting for is the SPRING 2017 season to start. And after taking a glance at the anime that are coming up this April, I must admit that I am quite optimistic and extremely excited. There are a couple of long anticipated second seasons, some new generations and much more. Now let's dig in into some of the anime of the SPRING 2017 SEASON. Enjoy! 

Four years. It's been four years since the first season aired and Wit Studios along with Production I.G finally decided to make a second season of Attack on Titan. I have to admit that I am not such a great AoT fan, but I know how anticipated it was so I couldn't leave it out of this post. I'll probably watch it some time but not right away.The PV trailer looks promising. I see the usual AoT animation, …

Anime Personality Quizzes You Have to Take

Konnichiwa Minna-san, I hope you all feel the spring vibes just as I do sitting outside, enjoying the sun and of course writing a new post here on World of Anime Girl. I guess you are all familiar with today's topic and that you have at least done it once in your life. Online Quizzes.  I have done a couple of anime personality quizzes because they are interesting, funny and I don't know, I guess I am just too curious even when it comes to myself. For today, I picked a couple of funny quizzes I really want to share with you. So, let's get started and don't forget to post your results in the comments bellow. I am looking forward to it!
*to do the quiz click on the underlined subtitles of each*
Okey, you totally have to do this quiz. I have already  talked about the hair color symbolism that most anime refer to in previous blog posts. Black hair means mysterious, Red energetic, White innocent, Blue wise etc. When I did the quizz I got PINK as …

My Top 5 Favorite Anime Powers

Action and fantasy have always been my favorite two anime genres because they are entertaining, thrilling and exciting. Seeing many action and fantasy anime, I watched many different supernatural and fantasy powers. And with many, I mean a huge amount. From magic and summoning to random esper powers and today's post is devoted to the best 5 and My Top 5 Favorite Anime Powers. Enjoy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
No.5 BLOOD CONTROL (Deadman Wonderland) 
I know this might not be one of the most epic powers in the anime world, but I really enjoyed watching this one. The best thing about this power is how every user actually adapts to it and creates his or her own fighting style. The style on the other hand is a thing of personality that is reflected in the way the user fights and uses his power. A power you always have there when you need it, kinda practical. Before watching Deadman Wonderland …

The Shocking Hidden Message in "Spirited Away"

It's been some time since I wanted to write a post on this topic. We all know Studio Ghibli's Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi or the English title Spirited Away. I was a kid when I firstly watched it and I watched it in German. Yes, in German and its title was Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland. An Academy Award winning animated movie by the king of anime Hayao Miyazaki about a little girl that gets lost in a strange world and her only wish is to find her parents. But cute, little childhood story has a much more deeper meaning than you all thought. The story behind the story. The truth about Spirited Away. It is a really heavy topic so I'd kindly ask kids under 15 to skip this post.

I guess that barely anyone noticed the sign above the bath house door that Chihiro worked in for a while. The sign ゆ  is a hiragana symbol that, when translated to English, means 'hot water'.  You think "Ah, makes sense" since it is a bath house...Right? That is true, b…

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