Lost Fate/ Grand Order Account? Here Is How You Can Recover It!

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A couple of months ago I have written a post about the mobile game Fate/ Grand Order and how amazing it is (read the post here). I still haven't changed my mind about it, but I did take a break from it. After some time I wanted to start playing again but then I realized that I didn't get a transfer code for my Fate/ GO account. Luckily, my account is not completely lost and there is a very simple way how you can recover it. As I could see from online forums and from my own experience it works every time and I really hope that it will help you too in case you lose your own account. 


As I said in the beginning, it is a very easy way to recover your account and it has a high success rate, so no need for panic. The only thing you need do is write an e-mail to the Aniplex support center: support@aniplex.zendesk.com


If you want to get your lost account back, you need to write that in your mail along with some information about your account. Keep in mind that the more precise the information you send to the Fate/ GO support the better your chances to get your old account back. Just answer these questions as detailed as possible and you'll be good:

1. Do you remember your old account ID? (9 digits):
2. The last transfer code that I used was: 

3. What is your Master's name? :
4. What Birth Date was set? :
5. What device did you play on? (Please provide the device manufacturer and model):

6. When did you first download the game? (date):
7.  When did you last access the old account? (date):
8. Which servants did you possess? (The more servants you list the better, but make sure to write at least three) :
9. Who was registered as you favorite servant? :
10. Which servants were in your main party (deck composition)? :

11. What was your Master's gender? :
12. What was your Master's level? :

13. Did you purchase Saint Quartz? (If not, please just say "I did not purchase Saint Quartz"):  


After sending this mail, you'll get two e-mails from the support team saying that your request has been received and that it is being reviewed by the support staff. It will take about 3 or 4 days for them to get your account back so be patient. In the end, you'll hopefully get a transfer code and password for your account which you can use to log back in. That brings us to the last step:


Upon entering the game, click on the Data Transfer icon in the lower, left corner: 

Now, all you need to do is write the transfer code and password you got from the support team and click on Start Game:

I hope this will help you get your old account back. It helped me once and I used this same method again yesterday. Now I am waiting for the support team's answer with my fingers crossed. 
Have you ever used this method and did it help you? I'll be glad to hear whether you were successful or not. If not, have you tried something else and how did it go? Makse sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Your Anime Girl 💕


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