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Guys, it's been so long! I had so much to do in the last month that I didn't even get the chance to write some new posts. Finally, after more than a month here I am with a new anime review. I watched this anime in a couple of breaks. I watch 3-4 episodes one day and than after a month I watch 4-5 more etc. The reason why I did that is that I usually have "problems" with non-action anime like this one. They kinda seem boring without all the action fights and stuff. Yet, in the end I have to admit that I really liked it. And now, on this lovely and cold 28th of February, my review on TORADORA!

PLOT and STORY LINEOh, High School, what a great time. Considering the fact that I am a senior now, Toradora really made me cry in the end.  It's a slice of life, comedy,  school and romance anime produced by Genco (Sword Art Online, Elfen Lied) scored with a 8,48 on My Anime List. In my opinion, the prefect score for this anime. But what is it now about? In the beginning you m…

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