An Irregular at Magic High School: ANIME REVIEW

I've always hated the fact that magic does not exist. Yet, I believe that technology will advance so much one day that we will be able to call it magic. And imagine this now, just ten days ago I came across an anime that kinda pictures that "Techno-magic" I was thinking about. I'll let you now enjoy the review on "An Irregular at Magic High School". 

Plot and Story Line 

You remember maybe how Sword Art Online did that story-line thing, where the whole plot is actually made up of shorter stories (SAO, ALO, GGO...). Well, you have the same situation in AIAMHS too. They tell one shorter story in about eight episodes, and three or four such stories made the show. But what is this anime about now?
As I mentioned in the beginning, magic is not magic how it used to be. Instead of colorful spells, bright lights, stars, cepters etc, you have codes. One code, one spell and they are all casted by Casting Assistant Devices, or in short CADs. The CADs are all designed and made by magic-engineers. One of those, and very talented one, is our protagonist Shiba, Tatsuya. Still, most of society knows him as just Tatsuya, a first-grade student at First MAgic High School. Because of his "bad test results" Tatsuya made it only into the second course, while his sister Miyuki attends the first course lessons. That's basically it about the plot. The short stories now are mostly result of governmental affairs,  competitions, and teenage problems. Talking about teenage problems, I kinda got used to first-degree-cousin-relationships in anime, bit this went to far. This could have been the best sibling-relationship ever, but no. Let's make a romance of it. I mean that looks just ridiculous. That's the first problem I have with this anime, but it can be overseen somehow. The second problem is way bigger. It's not a huge, it's an enormous plot hole. What or who is Tatsuya, who is his aunt, what happened to his mother, why is his family acting like this? This anime leaves all these questions open, just like that. However, I liked this anime enough to believe that this is not the end. I think, or more hope, that there will be a second season that will answer all the questions I have.  But despite all that, this anime still has a point that blends out the cons at least for a little bit. One word. ACTION! This anime has one of the best action I've ever seen. The fights were just epic, with so many different powers and bad-ass characters. I was amazed. Both thumbs up for that. that was also the most interesting thing about this anime. 
My first thought about this show was "Techno-Magic, really?". I mean it kinda humiliates the good-old magic we all know. However, it was interesting and fresh. Something new. It proved that there are still some makers that don't lack in ingenuity. Who would have ever thought that sci-fi and magic could be combined in this way. "The Irregular at Magic High School" (If only they had a better title).


Now we come to problem three in this anime. The characters. The personalities are basically are the same, there is not a single character development and no uniqueness at all. There are maybe four or five characters that stood out a little bit like Erika, Sayaka and Misaki, and of course the main Tatsuya. But that's it. Still, as always I'll introduce you to the two mains. Tatsuya and Miyuki.

SHIBA TATSUYA. Dear makers, was it possible to make Tatsuya even better? I think not. He was perfect, and I hate perfect character. He is strong, unbeatable, good-looking, smart, charismatic, should I continue? He was invincible. Although it was awesome to see him fight, his personality was boring. Also it was impossible for him to develop his character. I didn't like him.

SHIBA MIYUKA. This is probably the most anoying character I've ever seen. She is cute and everything, but sooooo annoying. Still I have to say that she is a caring, talented and hard-working girl. She is also kind of that perfect characters that everybody adores. One of the cutest scenes in the anime is when Masaki, from Third Magic High School, askes her to dance with him. Kawaii. 

Animation and Style

This is one of the pros of this show. The animation is just perfect. I really enjoyed watching it. It shone the most in the action scenes. The way the spells were casted was so amusing. I loved it. When it comes to the style, it's probably nothing special. Just standard character looks, landscapes and backgrounds. On the whole it was good, no objections here. 


Well, well, well. An Irregular at Magic High School was a good anime. It is not a waste of time, but there are more better anime worth wasting your time on. It is amusing, interesting and catchy. The thing that made me like this anime is probably the fact that it reminded me on my school and system. My school also has some kind of first and second course, and competitions with our "Sister-Schools". Try this anime I hope you will like it more than I did.  
Your AnimeGirl <3 

P.S. I planed to write this review a few days ago, but I have been called to a Physics Camp and I couldn't miss it. Sorry for that. 
I also wanted to say that this will probably be the last review for this summer. School is starting this Tuesday and I'll have a lot of obligations since I am a senior this year. That's why I won't be able to write that much, but I'll try to write as often as possible.  Good luck you all in the new school year! 


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