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Anime Battle (Ao Haru Ride vs. Toradora)

Konnichiwa Minna-san and welcome to another World of Anime Girl blog post. Today's blog post will be just part 1. of a series of posts called "Anime Battle". As you can all guess from the name, I'll be picking a few points such as plot, story, moral, animation etc. and compare two anime that seem similar. By doing so, I will evaluate both anime and choose the better one in the end. I'll compare anime that are usually recommendations of each other and the first pair will be from the school/romance/drama genre. They are my absolute favorites in that genre and without further talk, let's get into the anime Ao Haru Ride (aka. Blue Spring Ride) and Toradora. Enjoy! First and foremost, these anime are a common recommendation because of their genre and story that shares some common points. Both have a female main character and are about the usual problems that students encounter in their high school days. I personally liked them both because their stories are interes…

Anime-Apps (Recommendation Corner)

Good Evening Minna-san, I hope you're all doing fine and ready for a new World of Anime Girl blog-post. Midterm examinations are around the corner and so I thought I'd use this little free-time to post something new. So, here I am with a brand new topic in the spirit of the 21st century-the age of internet and smartphones. Being a full-time Anime Girl, I tried a lot of anime apps and definitely visited tons of web-pages. After some years, I quit using some but became addicted to some others which are now an indispensable part of my everyday life. Whether I use them to communicate with other otakus or to organize myself in the huge world of anime I love them all.  And without any further talk, let's get to today's blog post with the title:  Anime-Apps (Recommendation Corner)
When it comes to my smartphone there are quite some apps that I use all the time. Let's start with my absolute favorite. All of you probably have a My Anime List account. It is a must for every ot…

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