Mirai Nikki/ Future Diary: ANIME REVIEW

Dear diary, 
I always watched anime, even as a kid although I didn't know what anime actually were. About four years ago I found out what anime really means, and one of the first anime I watched as a "full time" AnimeGirl was Mirai Nikki or Future Diary. That's why, in this review I will write about this, kinda special, anime show. 
-Your AnimeGirl

 Plot and Storyline 

Well, the first thing you'll probably say after you finish this anime is:"What on Earth was that?". 
Mirai Nikki is, I promise you, the most psychopathic anime you'll see in your life. But that is exactly what it makes this anime different from all the others. 
In the very beginning we meet Amano Yukiteru (Yuki), a rather shy and anti-social. Poor Yuki, his only friend is a imaginary god called Deus ex Machina(This is a phrase that comes from the Latin language and actually means "God from the Machine, but never mind, let's move on)-The God of Time and Space. Too bad, this Deus is not imaginary at all. He soon makes Yuki participate in an survivor game where the winner becomes the next God. Here's the thing now. There are twelve contestants, and everyone of them has a diary that predicts them the future, each diary in it's own way. The last one alive is the new God. Yuki was very lucky, because after the game begun Yuno, his classmate, decided to protect him.And damn, that girl has some awesome skills. Now that everything's set, Let the bloodshed begin!
The fact that all of you should know is that beneath every layer that makes this anime as it is you have the core of it. And it's believe it or not, a Love Story. That's right, the romance between the main characters is the "engine" that drives the whole story on. But it indeed is sort of a psychotic love. The romance between Yuki and Yuno is in the beginning rather a one sided love, but after a long "on and off" relationship, and some ups and downs they made it. But don't think of it as a boring love story, it'll definitely be the craziest one you'll ever see. Don't miss it.
Now let's focus a bit on the other contestants. They also made one part of the show, and contributed to it everyone in their own way by letting us know about their past. Their back stories play an important part in the show and make it interesting too. And besides, the more villains the better the show, right?
Mirai Nikki wouldn't be Mirai Nikki if there weren't this many plot twists. That's crazy how much surprise lies in each episode. The makers really did a great job. A lot of anime makers get lost while "twisting" the plot and the result is a mash of unrelatable stories that just confuse you, and ruin the story as a whole. Future Diary is not the case, the story line was not ruined, it was exciting and interesting till the very end.  
Talking about the end, it will take much concentration if you want to understand why everything so far happened. So keep calm, and if you don't understand something watch it again. It is not so hard to understand but it becomes a mash of things that happened in the past, some other dimensions and the present that's complicated alone on its own.
This is in short the story of The Future Diary, or something like that.


Well, if this is not a crazy bunch of personalities. This thriller anime really bombed me with mostly crazy, then funny, irritating etc. characters. 

The important thing about the personalities of the characters is that their diaries kinda reflect their personality, hobby, job etc. 
In this way trough the knowledge of the diary type you can easily guess a part of the diary user, which I found very interesting. 

YUNO GASAI is the sickest character ever. Still, I loved her for being like that. She was funny, awesome and always full of surprises. You really never know what that girl's gonna do next. She is also clever, fighting with both strength and mind. A lot of people hate her character because she is a psycho, but there is not a single character that could be compared to her. This picture really explains her. She looks like a cute, little girl that is possessed by an evil demon that she can't control. One one side you have her soft and caring side, and in an instant of time she turns in a killer machine.Typical Yandere. But the most important thing to tell about her is her ability to love. It's something like this: "I love you so much that I'll kill you so nobody else does". That's really something. Yuno you truly are awesome.  

I literary hate this guy. He is one of the most irritating characters I've ever seen. AMANO YUKITERU or YUKI is a perfect example of a cry-baby. He is a anti-social mother's son who gets scared in a second. He always depends on someone else and hardly gets something done on his own. But, I have to say that he had an immense character development in the end. It was a totally different Yuki than the one we had in the beginning. He becomes a bit stronger and more independent in the end. The thing that made me not hate him that much was the OVA episode Mirai Nikki Redial, whre he...(now this would be a huge spoiler). However, I can't get the similarity between him and Shu from Guilty Crown aout of my head. 

URYUU MINENE,  well if this is not a power-woman. I loved her. She is a determine, young and awesome character that is always there to make some action. After her parents died,  she became a religion hater blaming God for what happened. In that way she became a terrorist and fought against religion, even tried to assassinate  the Cardinal.  She also has her own little romance story in the anime but I'll leave it to you to discover it.


The animation in this anime is satisfactory. It is not breath-taking but it is good. There are two things that I'd like to commend. Fistly the character look of Yuno. It is amazing how they handled to make her look cute and creepy at the same time. Amazing. 
The second thing is the opening. It is kinda done in an interesting way, and the mix of fastly moving screens and the creepy music were perfect. But it really gives someone the creeps. 


If you like action, fights and thriller you will love this anime. If you want a good love story you will also love this anime. Mirai Nikki has something for everybody. Don't listen to people who say it is just a story about a sick girl that is in love. NO! Future Diary is definitely more than that. It is catchy, interesting and extremely amusing. I enjoyed watching it, I am sure you'll too. MIRAI NIKKI!

Your AnimeGirl <3 


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