Symbolic Anime Quotes

I am pretty sure you're all familiar with anime quotes. Almost every anime has it, just like any other TV show and movie. But today's topic are not morals and enlightening life quotes, but symbolic quotes that are unique for different anime. They symbolize the story of the anime in a certain and specific way. They are a written logo that instantly reminds you of the anime's story. Moreover, they awaken an emotion of joy and happiness mixed up with some feeling of longing. It's hard to explain it, but I guess you'll feel the same volcano of emotions inside your self after reading them. My favorite symbolic anime quotes. Enjoy!


The emotional story of two brothers that lost their mother and much more is a well known story in the anime world. The whole series is based on one fundamental law and it became the symbol of the Elric brothers' story. 


The reason why I personally love this symbolic quote is the moment. In the anime, Yona develops from an ignorant, little princess to a strong warrior and defender of her kingdom and this quote was her turning point. It's the symbol of her change and so the symbol of her story. 


It is one of the greatest movies in the history of cinematography and one of my favorite childhood movies. Ghibli studios produced in the year 2001 the most successful animated movie that was a winner of an Academy Award in 2003. This quote is the moral, as well as the symbol of this masterpiece. 


I finished this anime a couple of days ago and I loved it. I found it so much better than Fate/ Zero and this quote was the one that symbolizes it's story. I guess I love this quote so much because it sounds so epic. Especially the part "Unknown to death. Nor known to life." Amazing. 


A masterpiece anime in only six words. I think there is nothing left to say *tries not to cry*.


This might not be a symbol of an anime, but definitely the symbol of my favorite character's story. Erza Scarlet is my favorite character ever and this quote is where her story begins. She is an amazing, strong, independent, smart, caring and epic character and her 'nearly death' in an early Fairy Tail arc made my cry like no time before. Her symbolic quote is the beginning of...everything.


This quote is my favorite symbolic quote because it stands for my favorite anime ever. It stands for my first anime as a full-time-anime-girl. It stands for so many than just a story. It symbolizes a legend. And the legend is born with the following words: 

Naruto said these words in the fourth Naruto episode when he introduced him self to Kakashi the first time. I can't believe that 14 years after, on next Thursday, it will come to an end. The final Naruto episode. "The Valley of Death" is the name of the episode and even tough I know what will happen (because of the manga) I just can't wait to see it. Thank you Masashi Kishimoto for such an amazing story that really made me BELIEVE! 


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