My Top 5 Anime Villains I Just Couldn't Hate

When it comes to the question who is more important in an anime, the hero or the villain, I'll always say that it's the villain that matters more. The hero can be the best he can but if the villain is not good than the anime ends up being a complete failure. There are, of course, good and bad villains but also villains that you really hate and the ones  that you actually like. Today's post is devoted to the anime villains that I personally couldn't hate. What's more, I love them. My Top 5 Anime Villains I Just Couldn't Hate. Enjoy! 

No5. SADAO MAOU-Hataraku Maou-Sama! 

Once confronted by the Hero Emilia, guess what happened to the Demon King that retreated with his army and ended up in present day Japan? No, he didn't take over the world. He just started working as a part-timer at McRonald's. And not surprisingly, he even gets promoted from part-timer to full-timer. Sadao Maou is the funniest version of Satan you'll ever see. He is such a stupid and naive guy that even his  enemy, Emilia starts liking him. I watched this anime some time ago but I still remember how hilarious it was just because of him. 

No4. YUNO GASAI- Mirai Nikki

When it comes to the Yandere characters in the anime world, this woman is definitely their Queen. Yuno Gasai, is not an actual villain in the story, or maybe she is? It's really hard to tell. But let's say she is. The reason she made it on the fourth place is because she is so entertaining. Her character made the show twice more entertaining than it already was.  I know she is a creepy freak but I still love her. Despite being a psycho, she is still has a strong character and an even stronger will. Besides, the whole school sees her as a beautiful, smart and diligent girl she pretends to be. Yuki can definitely consider him self a lucky guy, right? No? Oh, ok. 

No3. ZEREF-Fairy Tail

He is actually known as the evilest and strongest dark make in the history of one of my favorite anime called Fairy Tail. The reason he is on place three...I just love him. He is amazing and strong yet so vulnerable. His life is a real struggle but he was still able to love. And this is exactly why I believe in the good that is somewhere deep inside of him. I think most of you who didn't read the manga wouldn't understand this. Also it's Fairy Tail, so it has to have a happy end. The thing I like the most about him is his intellect and Zeref as a villain did his job pretty good I would say. And even tough he is so cruel and evil, I cannot but love him. 

No2. GILGAMESH-Fate/ Zero & Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

I found it really stupid because I couldn't pick a servant to be my favorite. Yet, in the end it was Gilgamesh. I did find his defeat in Unlimited Blade Works very disappointing, but it is not because he lost the battle. It was more because he lost his self. I think when summoned in the next Holy Grail War, my Gilgamesh will never be the same again. But he did make it in my ranking on the second place. The King of Heroes indeed is an arrogant and selfish person but he's freaking GilgameshNot to mention his confidence.  The first hero in human history. The hero of the first legend and epic ever told. I loved him mostly because of the fact who he is and his background.  And his quotes of course:
 "Did you not understand? All dreams eventually disappear when the dreamers wake."


Now, this villain is so good and I love him so mach that I even rewatched the anime just because of him. Yes, the antagonist of this amazing anime called Psycho Pass is actually the most amazing part of it. Shougo Makishima is an anarchist that is an expert when it comes to manipulation. He is also very gifted when it comes narratives. An intellectual humanist that is known for his charisma and cruelty and his passion for books. He is definitely the evilest anime character I have seen yet all of his decisions seem to be reasonable. And this is exactly why I couldn't hate him. He was right about everything, he only picked the cruelest way to prove that to everybody. An amazing character and the best villain ever- Shougo Makishima.
"There's a limit to the amount of pleasure a person ca obtain. But pleasures brought out by intellect are infinite."
"Value exists only in the acts based on one's free will."


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