Horrible Anime Recommendations on MAL

I know I have mentioned My Anime List many times in my posts and reviews. It is a really amazing page and I think that every otaku should have an account on MAL. An amazing feature of MAL are the anime recommendations that other users can post. It works on the principle "If you liked....., you might also like....". So basically you suggest people anime that are similar to another one. For example, what I would recommend, if you liked Arslan Senki you might also like Akatsuki no Yona.  Both anime are adventure anime that share a similar story of a prince (Arslan)/ princess (Yona) that fight for their kingdom. They are stories that carry a couple of similar morals such as the importance of friends and family and how it is important to never give up. 
An as much as there are really amazing recommendations, there are also some really stupid ones. Here for you, I have picked some of the most horrible anime recommendations that were posted on MAL in this year. Enjoy!

1.If you liked ANOTHER, then you might like DEATH PARADE

The user that posted this recommendation explained the similarity like this: "They both have a boy and a girl MC, there are plot-twist, a bit of mystery surrounding the MC, everything ties together". Now the first statement nailed it. According to that, if you liked Another you might also like any other anime that exists. Besides, they might belong to the same genre but seriously. Another is a anime that you watch...just so, whereas Death Parade is a true masterpiece that is worth your time.

2.If you liked AKATSUKI NO YONA, then you might like AKAGAMI NO SHIRAYUKI-HIME

Yes, they both involve a female protagonist but "The heroine is treated specially as having red hair, they have something worth fighting for, the art is really good" are awful similarities when it comes to recommendations. Some people really don't get how to write a recommendation. You shouldn't concentrate on things like character looks or animation but the story. And seriously, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime is a "story" for 5-10-year-olds whereas Akatsuki no Yona has some kind of deeper story and an actual moral. 

3.If you liked GUILTY CROWN, then you might like OWARI NO SERAPH

"Both have: amazing MCs, action and drama, something worth fighting for, a little hint of romance." And again someone who doesn't know how to write a recommendation. I really don't know how someone could even think about Gulity Crown and Owari no Seraph being similar. Just no! 

4.If you liked CODE: GEASS, then you might like MIRAI NIKKI

I like both anime, but of course Code: Geass is way better than Mirai Nikki. I mean Code: Geass is a masterpiece and Mirai Nikki is...Mirai Nikki. And please tell me one thing that would make these two similar. Code: Geass is, as I said before, a masterpiece and Mirai Nikki is a creepy love story. Ende!

5.If you liked TOKYO GHOUL, then you might like GANGSTA

Guys, I am about to get a headache (JK-but you understand how frustrated I am). Yes, they are both action anime. And yes, the characters have special powers, but I wouldn't call it powers in Gangsta. Whatever, Tokyo Ghoul is an anime about humanity and how it has to deal with 'monsters' that it created on its own. Gangsta is a freaking mafia anime. Where is the similarity there? Both do have a catchy story, but Tokyo Ghoul has a deeper meaning even tough it looks stupid at first sight. In short, these two anime clearly don't mach.

6.If you liked ELFEN LIED, then you might like GUILTY CROWN

What if I told you that Elfen Lied and Mirai Nikki were a good mach when it comes to recommendations. But Elfen Lied and Gulity Crown? You must be kidding me. Elfen Lied is a creepy and brutal story which is again a love story on the core. Gulity Crown on the other hand is a mind-blowing non-sense with a slight romance. It is far from being brutal and creepy and NO! For real Guilty Crown fans, Elfen Lied would be too brutal, whereas true Elfen Lied fans would find Guilty Crown boring. 

7.If you liked SWORD ART ONLINE, then you might like ATTACK ON TITAN

May I present you today's winner. This guy/girl literally NAILED IT. I don't know who you are, but if you ever read this, please delete your recommendation. (NO OFFENSE, I respect beliefs and opinions of other otaku fellows but... ) How could the sweet, little SAO love story be similar to a brutal and in a lot of scenes very disgusting anime like Attack on titan. SAO is a love story that has a really interesting and in some ways unique setting while Attack on Titan stands for action, amazing fights and something else that makes it so popular. I don't know what exactly because I am not a Attack on Titan fan. But whatever it might be, it probably doesn't make it any more similar to SAO. Those two are just incomparable. And in the end I will quote what the guy/girl responsible for this recommendation wrote as an explanation: "While these series ain't that similar, they are both extremely popular series. Both are extremely intense and will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time". My hero, LOL! 

What I want to say in the end:
If you ever consider writing a recommendation on My Anime List please check out the guidelines and think twice before posting it. Someone might really fall for that and think that Attack on Titan is another sweet, little story that you can watch with your little sister beacuse she loved SAO so much. Arigato!


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