I pretty sure that most of you know the meaning of the acronym OP when it comes to anime terminology. It simply means Over Powered. Yet, in today's post this acronym gets a slightly different meaning-Overly Perfect. From the title, OP-MC, today's topic are Overly Perfect Main Characters
When it comes to picking between a nonsense character and an overly perfect one, I'd still say that the nonsense one is better. Why? Well, the first reason is that characters are the carriers of the story and if a character is up to no character development, the story won't develop either. That's fact. Yes, the story can go on and be catchy from time to time but then it is because of another character, not the main. Second reason, the anime gets predictable. Every time there is a fight, you know exactly who the winner is. The Overly Perfect character cannot lose and the only thing that keeps you watching it, is because you want to find out the way they win. And thirdly, most of them are annoying. Ende! 
Still, there are a couple of different types of OP-MC and even tough they are the worst possible type of characters, there are some that don't ruin the anime that much. Here for you now four types of Overly Perfect Main Characters. Enjoy! 

 THE ONE WE STILL LOVE                                                                                                

Representing the OP-MC we still love is no other than our One Punch Man-Saitama. He is the most over powered character ever and an overly perfect one at the same time (except for his know). And even tough we knew the outcome of every single battle outcome of the anime we could not but to love him. He is hilarious, he is crazy, he is entertaining. Dear anime makers, if you ever want to include a overpowered and perfect character do it like Madhouse did with Saitama. Characters that also belong to this type are definitely Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail and Akame from the anime Akame ga Kill.  

 THE PRINCE CHARMING/ DISNEY PRINCESS                                                               

You usually encounter this type of overly perfect character in sweet, mostly romance, anime and when you do, you probably just facepalm yourself but smile because they are kinda cute. I called them Prince Charming and Disney Princess because the two characters that resemble this type the most are prince Zen and Shirayuki from the anime Akagami no Shirayuki-hime. These two are perfect idols when it comes to 10-year-olds. And as said, they are pretty annoying but still cute in some way.  Also examples of this type of characters are Arslan from Arslan Senki and Asuna from Sword Art Online

 THE STUPID ONE                                                                                                               

This one doesn't know anything what's going around him/her. They are mostly very powerful but stupid as Hell. This kind of character usually comes up with some 'life changing' quotes and speeches that make you want to throw up, for example: "People die if they are killed". I am sure you could all recognize the character from the quote. It is actually the main character from one of my favorite anime ever, Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. True the quote is from the original but it is still the same character. I hated Emiya Shirou. It was not fair that he became so powerful and beat Gigamesh in the end when he was stupid and useless for the majority of the show. Also a stupid but OP MC Harutora from Tokyo Ravens and Kaneki from Tokyo Ghuol. It's always the men. (Just kidding). 

 THE WORST POSSIBLE TYPE OF CHARACTER aka. The Tatsuya                              

I guess you can tell from the title that this is literary the worst type of character an anime can have. They are annoying, they are perfect, you always know that they will win, they usually have a harem around them and they just ruin the anime from the beginning to the very end. Representing this type is no other but Shiba Tatsuya from An Irregular at Magic High School. I'd like to punch this guy so bad. He literary destroyed an anime that had had so much potential.  I just don't understand how the makers of the anime weren't annoyed by him. Also "Tatsuya" characters: Kirito from Sword Art Online and Adlet from Rokka no Yuusha.

So this is it for today, I hope you enjoyed and be sure to check out my instagram profile @aniblogger. Also, tell me what you think about these kind of characters and if you have any suggestions share it with us in the comments down bellow. See ya! 


  1. I LOVED Saitama in OPM, but I also love those adorable romances too, so I've got no problem with those characters personally. "The Stupid Ones" SERIOUSLY ticks me off though, because they're not just "weak" in the sense of power, but I've seen ones that have no backbone either, and it's infuriating that those stupid guys get lucky and get power when many others could use it better. I agree with that last type too, except I wanna defend those guys, especially Kirito, for having those harems, because it's usually not their fault that they have them and seem gross for it. >-<

    1. I am so late with a reply and I am sorry. I am glad to hear that you agree on most of the things I wrote and yeah, it is not exactly their fault (the character's) but it is the fault of the producers that actually made them and the story.


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