If you could have any anime POWER, which one would it be?

Good Evening Minna-san,
Welcome to another anime post here in the World of Anime Girl. Today's post answers a question I have come across many times in all the anime and otaku forums, groups etc. The question is: If you could have any anime POWER, which one would it be? It really took some time to decide what anime power I'd like to have because it is too hard to just pick one out of a million of amazing powers there are. In the end I decided that the power I'd like to have is a power I wished for since I was a child. Well, you could not call it an actual power because it is kinda an ability of multiple powers that is still considered as one. I am talking about the ability of casting magic.

I've always been dreaming of the ability to cast magic and being a mage. I am talking about that real, traditional magic, like the one we see in Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works or the anime Tokyo Ravens. That is the kind of magic I like the most. Not that non-sense modern magic "An Irregular at Magic HighSchool" shows. I mean the concept of "magic in the future" is kinda interesting but I didn't like it that much. Magic as it is, with all the spells, casts, casting circles, colorful effects, is beautiful and some kind of majestic. To be honest I believe that magic exists even in our world trough imagination and nature. That's why I have "Believe in MAGIC ✴ 魔法"  in my instagram BIO description that in my opinion really fits my personality and spirit. Maybe it is not usual anime magic, but I still believe it exists. 

Of course, magic in anime such as Fairy Tail and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun is also interesting, where each individual casts magic in a different way, depending of the person's soul I guess. That would be also interesting to know. If I had a power like the guys in Fairy Tail, which one would I have? I did a quiz on the internet and my result was: Re-Equip. (Here the LINK so you can do it too.) Yet, in the end, I still prefer the good, old casting magic so that would probably be the one power I'd choose if I could. 
Of course you have to tell me in the comments down bellow which power would you like to have if you could choose. Also if you do the quiz on the Fairy Tail powers be sure to tell me your result. I really want to know if someone else gets Re-Equip like I did.


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