10 Underrated Anime That You Absolutely Have to Watch

Good Evening Minna-san,
It is the official 90th World of Anime Girl post and it is devoted to anime that I found so amazing, yet they never found their way to the limelight. They may have a good rating on MAL yet they are not as popular as they should be. Without any further talk, here are 10 underrated anime from my completed anime list  that you absolutely have to watch

ARSLAN SENKI (Ranked #683, Rated: 7.89) 

Arslan Senki is an Action, Adventure, Drama and Historical anime whose story is both thrilling and emotional. It is about the crown prince of the Pars empire that just lost its Capital in war to the empire of Lusitania. The thing that made me love this anime is definitely its catchy and dramatic story, its characters and definitely the action. 

AKATSUKI NO YONA (Ranked #261, Rated: 8.24)

The reason Akatsuki no Yona is one of my favorite anime is probably the story again. An adventure, romance and fantasy anime that follows Yona, princess of Kouka Kingdom, who just witnessed the murder of her father by the hands of her great love Su-Won. This is not an ordinary "the proncess has to save her kingdom" story. I mean, that is the point of the story, but it is more about Yona's character development from a weak and foolish, little princes to a true warrior.

DEATH PARADE (Ranked #192, Rated: 8.34)

This is for sure the best anime in the "Psychological" genre. A drama that definitely exceeds every other story when it comes to portraying the human nature. Even tough the main story line follows Decim,  the arbiter of the afterlife, the side stories of the anime actually make it so special. In a brutal game between two, Decim decides who goes to the void (Hell) and who gets the chance to reincarnate (Heaven) and while watching you really start questioning humanity and the way we judge others. A deep story, with an amazing moral that has to be a part of your anime list.

GANGSTA (Ranked #1518, Rated: 7.51)

True this anime is not as good as the three before, yet it deserves to be a part of this 10. Gangsta is a usual action, drama and mafia anime that is perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon. I liked the story of Nicholas and Worick because it really had some thrilling moments and a lot of action. There is no specific moral or depth in the story, but it is pure entertainment especially for you who love dark, mafia anime settings. 

GARO: HONOO NO KOKUIN (Ranked #1519, Rated: 7.51)

I am still searching for a web-page where I can watch Garo: The Movie. The anime was great and I just can't wait to watch the movie. It is a story about finding your place in the world, overcoming the "ghosts of the past" and moving on. The story follows young Leon, who is destined to be a Makai Knight. A knight whose role is to slay evil from a world that hunts down makai knights and alchemists accusing them of witchcraft. The main reason Garo is one of the 10 is its setting. A very common and usual setting that despite that carries an interesting and emotional story. 

PSYCHO PASS (Ranked #100, Rated: 8.51)

Psycho Pass is the anime with the best villain I have ever seen. It is a masterpiece that I find better than Code: Geass and Death Note. It has again a very deep story about society and the way it judges each person. In a Sci-Fi, Action and Police genre setting, the anime follows Akane Tsunemori, a young inspector that is about to face the brutal reality of the "perfect" world she lives in. As said, the anime is a masterpiece because there is not a single thing that the makers didn't do right. The story, the animation and the characters are perfect and I can surely say that it is one of my favorite anime ever.

ReLIFE (Ranked #242, Rated: 8.27)

I was surprised to see that this anime aired completely in one day, but it did. One of the best anime of the season caught my attention after reading the plot information on MAL. It is all about the question: what if you get the chance to live your high school senior year all over again? I found it brilliant and am currently reading the manga waiting of course for the second season. The anime was dramatic and intriguing with a couple of really interesting characters. It is a different slice-of-life and romance anime that definitely deserves your attention. 

Beautiful Bones: Sakurako-san's Investigation (Ranked #1592, Rating: 7.49)

This anime has a way too long name so I always prefer the English version. This anime is the reason I fell in love with mystery anime and I'll be really sad if it doesn't get another season. It is an anime so interesting that you want to watch in only one day, yet you start crying afterwards because it's over. A very intriguing mystery and crime anime that follows the emotional relationship of Sakurako and Shoutarou. By the way, it is not a romance story but much better. So if you're a true mystery fan you definitely shouldn't miss this one.

TALES OF ZESTIRIA THE X (Ranked #1087, Rating: 7.69)

My favorite anime of the Summer 2016 season. Tales of Zestitria the X is a game adaptation made my Ufotable, a studio well known for its amazing animation. I have searched for a long time for an anime like this. It is a magic, fantasy, action and adventure anime that really takes your breath away in every single scene. The story based on old legends and folk tales awakens with Sorey, a human that grew up among spiritual beings called seraphim. Together with princess Alisha, they fight for a brighter future of the kingdom of Highland in which the humans will live with the seraphim together in harmony again. If I had to describe the anime in one word, I'd say: MAGICAL!

ZENKYOU NO TERROR (Ranked: 251, Rating: 8.26)

And we came to the end. Zenkyou no Terror is for all of you who love riddles and intriguing cases. It is a catchy story that tried to deliver a deep moral but failed somewhere in the middle. Still that didn't make the anime less enjoyable, what's more it let you enjoy the action and drama it delivers in first place. It is not the best anime ever, but it is still worth watching. 


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