CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT-Leila Malcal (Code: Geass-Boukoku no Akito)

Good Evening Minna-san,
Are you ready for something new in the World of Anime Girl? How about some character discussion? I wanted to do this post for some time but never knew where I should start, or better said with whom. But tonight, while browsing trough my anime list, I figured out which character deserves the spotlight in the first "Character Spotlight" post. She is one of my favorite characters ever and has almost the same name as I do. She is a strong and independent female lead character in the side-story of one of the most amazing anime ever. I am Leyla and from Code: Geass-Boukoku no Akito, I present  you: LEILA MALCAL! Enjoy!



Code: Geass-Boukoku no Akito is a side story of the original Code:Geass that takes place on the European Battle Front. It is a really good side story that tells us what is going on on the other side of world in time Lelousch fights Britania in Japan. In such a setting we encounter Leila Malcal. She is the daughter of a Britannian noble family that was against the regime in Britannia and so becomes exiled in the E.U. She was born in Europe, but was adopted by the Malcal family after her parents death. Later on, she becomes a Major in the E.U. army and the assistant of Commander Anou in the W-0 Unit. In a rescue mission in witch Leila confronted Anou's last minute decision to use Japanese youngsters for suicide attacks, Anou is finally removed from the Commander position. After the success of the operation, Leila is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and given direct command of the W-0 Unit. 

Right from the beginning we could see that Leila has her own Geass power. Her geass is blue and works in some way as a geass canceler. Who gave it to her? Well, after a terrorist attack Leila flees together with her mother but they are soon involved in another accident. After their car flipped over and exploded her mother dies, but Leila manages to escape into the forest. Going deeper into the forest, she reaches a frozen lake that she tries to cross, but the ice breaks and Leila falls down into the cold water. Luckily she was saved by a strange woman with green hair. It is later revealed that the woman was C.C.


The first reason I loved Leila was not her name but her personality. She is a strong, independent and clever young woman that knows what she wants. She knows how to act as a leader and is always ready to take the lead. More importantly, she is a very caring person that would sacrifice everything she has for the people she loves. Leila is a kind person whose only desire is to end the war in the E.U. and to save the Japanese who fight the battles instead of the Europeans. She is a real role-model and definitely someone that deserves the spotlight of anime characters. 


Leila is a beauty! She has light purple eyes and long blond hair with two bangs at each side. Just like any other character, whether from the original Code Geass or the Boukoku no Akito, Leila's looks are unique. She does resemble Stella from the cartoon Winx if you remember, but never mind that...I loved her looks and especially her uniform. Georgeous! 


Leila is a gorgeous young woman that has an amazing personality. She is clever, strong and independent  and that's why I love her so much. Not to mention her beautiful name...The first anime character in CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT...Leila Malcal!


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