My Top 5 Favorite Fate Servants

Greetings everybody and welcome to another post here on World of Anime Girl. Before I begin, I'd like to remind you to check out a collab post I did with Lita Kino on her blog "Lita Kino Anime Corner". She has amazing posts on her page and you should definitely check it out some time. You can find the collab post under THIS LINK.
Now to today's topic-Fate Servants. Stay Night, Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Grand Order, Zero, Apocrypha are all anime shows/movies/games set in the Fate universe. A world where 7 mages fight among each other to obtain the ultimate prize-The Holy Grail. In order to win the war, each mage, the master, summons a servant, a heroic legend from the past who comes in either of the seven major classes: Saber, Archer, Rider, Lancer, Assassin, Caster and Berserker. Grand Order and Apocrypha also have Shielder and Ruler servant classes. Now, the Fate universe is full of those servants, so I thought, why not make a Top 5 list. It was pretty hard to pick only 5 but here they are, my favorite servants from the vast Fate universe. Enjoy! 

No. 5 Carmilla

SOURCE: Fate/ Grand Order
CLASS: Assassin

The reason this servant became one of my top 5 is because I was so intrigued by her horrific personality and the person she actually portrays. Her true name is Elizabeth Bathory who later on became known as the vampire Carmilla. She was a Hungarian noblewoman who bathed in the blood of over 600 victims in order to gain eternal youth. Carmilla and Elizabeth (her younger/inner self) are still fighting each other because Elisabeth is resisting to become the cruel vampire. As horrible as she is, she is a great servant in the game and has a really interesting noble phantasm: The Phantom Maiden, based on her torture machine The Iron Maiden.

No. 4 Robin Hood

SOURCE: Fate/ Grand Order
CLASS: Archer

The legend about this heroic spirit is one of my favorites. The chivalrous thief that protected the poor and the innocent from the shadows is an archer class servant in the Fate/ Grand Order game. Robin Hood was a thief that lurked in the Sherwood Forest near Nottingham. Fighting for justice in his own way, Robin opposed the tyranny of the feudal lords and the nobility. From the beginning on, Robin has always been a faceless hero that acted from the shadows. He fought his battles dirty, killing his enemies using pragmatic methods such as ambushes and poison. In wish to cover up his childish ideals of justice, this archer always puts up a frivolous and slightly arrogant attitude. The reason Robin is on my fourth place is of course firstly his background and secondly...he's cool.

No. 3 Alexander the Great

SOURCE: Fate/ Zero
CLASS: Rider

Since Fate/ Zero was the first Fate anime I watched, Iskandar was also one of the first servants I encountered and learnt about their personalities. Him being Alexander the Great got me totally hyped about the whole Fate universe and I've been a huge fan ever since then. The King of Conquerors is a noble King who values friendship more than anything else.  An adventurer in heart who wasn't interested in material conquest. The only goal he had in mind was to conquer the hearts of people. He sees a king as someone who inspires people, sets a vivid example to be followed and someone who should create personal bonds with others. This rider servant is one of the strongest servants in the whole franchise who even got Gilgamesh to acknowledge him as his only friend. Fate/ Zero would have been half as good if Iskandar wasn't there. An amazing and extremely interesting character who definitely conquered one heart-mine. 

No. 2 Gilgamesh

SOURCE: Fate/ Zero, Fate/ Grand Order
CLASS: Archer

I know what you might think: "What is this overpowered bastard doing on the second place?". Well, I just love The King of Heroes who is portrayed in mankind's oldest poem, The Epic of Gilgamesh. If there was on word that describes Gilgamesh the best than it is arrogance. It is his arrogance that leads to his pathetic death in Unlimited Blade Works. Talking about that, I was so furious when I saw Shirou kill Gilgamesh, because I consider it as completely impossible. Even though arrogance might be an explanation to what happened in the end of UBW, I still think that it was just non-sense. Gilgamesh is without any doubt the strongest servant in the Fate universe and if he wanted to, he could have easily killed Saber too. Also, I am convinced that he had true feelings for Saber (Artoria Pendragon) he just didn't know how to properly express them. So, although he had obtained all the other treasures of the world, one was still out of his reach:
"What an abominable woman you are. Defying me...until the end, huh? But I shall allow it. There are things that are beautiful because on cannot possess them."
But despite being an arrogant ruler who puts him self before his own people and only sees value in the treasures he possesses, Gilgamesh is one of my favorites. It might be the fan girl inside of me writing this but nevertheless, Gilgamesh is and always will be a true legend for me.

No. 1 Saber Lily 

SOURCE: Fate/ Grand Order
CLASS: Saber

Saber Lily is an alternate version of the Saber we know. It pictures Artoria Pendragon as a young girl who is, in this state, known as the Knight Princess. As a child destined to become the King and save Britain, Lily undergoes a harsh training along with the magician Merlin. Young and beautiful as a lily, Saber Lily was loved by her people who she always tried to protect from evil. She is a knight with a romantic and idyllic nature. It is her inexperience as a knight that protects Lily's dreams and hopes but also her cheerful personality. That is exactly why Saber Lily is my favorite Fate Servant and not her older self. I agree with Rider (Iskandar) when he says that a king should be someone that inspires and leads his folk, not someone who walks a lonely path full of sorrow trying to save the whole kingdom on his own. Saber Lily is a brave and strong knight whose ideals still haven't been destroyed by reality. Despite knowing Saber Lily only from the smartphone game Fate/ Grand Order I instantly became a fan of this version of Saber and was so happy to actually get this card in the game. I like to original Saber too, but I found her vision of kingship annoying which is exactly why I prefer Saber Lily. A strong, fearless and cheerful young girl is what I also thrive to be so it only natural for Lily to be on the first place in this ranking-My favorite fate servant. 

"Sword of Selection. Grant me your power! Cleave the wicked! Caliburn!"



SOURCE: Fate/ Grand Order

CLASS: Berserker


SOURCE: Fate/ Grand Order, Fate/ Stay Night (UBW)

CLASS: Caster


SOURCE: Fate/ Grand Order

CLASS: Rider


SOURCE: Fate/ Grand Order, Fate/ Stay Night (UBW)

CLASS: Lancer


SOURCE: Fate/ Grand Order, Fate/ Apocrypha

CLASS: Archer

So, this would be it for today: My favorite Fate servants. Let me know what you think about this ranking and as always post your own favorites in the comments bellow. See you next time here on World of Anime Girl!
-Your Anime Girl 


  1. Fate/ Stay Night Archer look so smart but not on the list

    1. Well, I like him as he is in the original Fate/ Stay Night, but not so much in Unlimited Blade Works...I am not a huge fan.


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