Plastic Neesan: ANIME REVIEW

Konnichiwa Minna-san, 
It is me, Anime Girl and here I am with some kind of review or more an impression on an ONA (Original Net Anime). I watched yesterday at around 2.00 AM. I couldn't sleep and so I remembered a hilarious anime a friend once told me about. It is an anime with only 12 episodes whereas each episode is about 3 min long. I basically finished a whole anime in less than  30 min. 
The name of the anime is Plastic Neesan and it started airing in May 2011. At this point I'd really like to know what took them so long because It says that it finished airing in July, 2012. That's more than a year. But yeah, whatever. 

Plastic Neesan is an ONA anime based on the gag comedy manga by  Kurii Cha. It is basically about a third-year high school student called Iroe and her two friends Hazuki and Makina, fellow plastic-modeling club members. 
The anime doesn't actually have a proper plot nor an actual story line. It is just a mix of non-sense situations that are extremely funny to watch. They are just joking around, having conversations that don't make sense at all and do usual anime things that make you laugh. When I was to describe the anime in two words I would say: Hilarious non-sense because that's what Plastic Neesan is. In the end, I am still not sure how I should rate it on a scale from 1-10. The anime is horrible compared to others but it is still good in its own freaky way. I guess I'll give it a 7 or 6, I really don't know how to rate something like this. 
To conclude, if you want an anime that will laugh the soul out of you and give you good entertainment for half an hour be sure to give Plastic Neesan a chance. And right here you have the whole anime in one video: Enjoy! 


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