Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation: ANIME REVIEW

YO Minna,
It's me Anime Girl and here I am eating Ice Cream that is supposed to look like a Minion and trying to write a nice intro while listening to the beautiful sound of Fall Out Boy. I haven't watched the TV series "Bones" but I guess the anime I'll be reviewing today has at least a similar topic.  It is a crime/mystery anime that has a very intriguing plot and a very interesting main character. The anime with the longest name I have seen so far: Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru or the English version: A Corps is Buried under Sakurako's feet. Sounds creepy and is a little bit but it's amazing at the same time. Have fun! 


This is with great extend one of the best mystery and crime I have seen. An anime from the Fall 2015  season and a Lantis production, the same producers of some of Mirai Nikki, One Ounch Man, Another and many more popular anime. In my opinion it deserves a better score than 7.5 on MAL and here is all why:
First of all, the story is told in a very interesting way. I kind of retrospective way of telling while the narrator is also the main character of the story Tatewaki Shoutarou. Shoutaru tell us his life story after meeting Kujou Sakurako,  an osteologist he spends a lot of time with and helps her with her work. Everyday they encounter new mysteries and try to solve unsolved cases that all involve...bones of course. He soon learns that bones may tell the way someone died, but never why. The 'why' and how they lived can only be told by people. 
Secondly, the plot is kinda made up of cases and some smaller stories but the actual story is much more mysterious and intriguing. Trough the anime you get those hints that make you think about the possibilities of what might have happened and you'll eventually find out...later...when season 2 comes out. There exists a manga but I can't find a page where I could actually read it. Nevertheless, the 'real' story of the anime involves her uncle and her brother if I got it right from the hints and her flashbacks. It's not hard to tell that the story has a really emotional background and  will probably have an interesting outcome. Some rapid scenes and flashes in the anime actually make you realize how most of the cases they solve are connected to each other in one or the other way. It adds up to the excitement and keeps you long enough on tenterhooks to make you finish the anime in only one day.  And in the end it makes you cry because it has only 12 episodes. 
Thirdly, the anime has so many morals. It is impossible how good they display the value of life and how they actually make you believe that everyone's life story is special even tough the person lived a simple life. At this point I want to share two of Sakurako-san's quotes that are truly amazing:
    "But time never stops. It moves forward endlessly, as surely as bodies burried in the ground will one day become white bones.  Listen, it's always you who stops time. If you stop in fear of future-you gain nothing and nothing begins. You spend your life as though already dead. Wheather you wish it or not- time never stops." 
" Don't be too negative. You haven't become ashes just yet." 


Where was I, oh yeah...Reason 4: 

Yes, one more reason that this anime is truly amazing are the characters. When it comes to Lantis production all the anime have overly good characters. In Beautiful Bones (A synonym name for the anime) the diversity of characters is huge and they all contribute to the story in a unique but even way. Of course, Sakurako is the highlight of the story and so is her personality. The thing about her is that she behaves in a childish way but is actually a mastermind when it comes to solving cases and discovering secrets. And even tough her actions are funny most of the time, she also gets really emotional and mature from time to time too. Right after finishing the anime, I added her to my favorite character list on MAL. She is independent yet down to earth and emotional. I always loved this type of characters. And I actually never mentioned her huge passion for bones. She loves bones and has a lot of reconstructed animal skeletons at home. 


And here comes reason 5: the animation and the style of the anime are as amazing as the anime it self. The animation is basically an 'as expected' since the anime is a  2015 production. The style is important here. I can't really tell what it is that stands out so much. I think it's the bright colors and the way they do that 'now let's solve the mystery' scene. Whatever it is, the style makes the anime really unique and makes you not forget it so easy. In addition to that, it makes you enjoy the anime even more. As for me, animation and style are really important and they surely have influence on my anime choice. Right now, I have a really hard time watching Clannad because the style is just horrible. 


Let's conclude. There are on the whole 5 reasons why you should watch Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru or Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation right now and there is not a single reason why you shouldn't. The anime is perfect for all of you that like crime and mystery anime and those who love using their brain figuring it out on their own. 


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