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(**SPOILER ALERT**) Here I am with a topic that would be more appropriate to be posted on Valentine's Day, but since it is like six months away I'll do it today. Whether it is a action, adventure, psycho, crime or horror anime romance is and always will be an indispensable part of it. Of course when it comes to anime romance, it mostly ends halfway. I already talked about that in an earlier post: It's an Anime Thing  with the topic: A never developing romance. They know that they like each other and we know it too, but in the end nothing specific happens. Yet, there are also some couples that made it and eventually became a part of my TOP 5 of Anime Couples. Whether it's their story or just the way they treat each other these are my favorite five. Enjoy and tell me what you think about it. 

No.5  MEI & YAMATO (Sukite Ii na yo- Say "I Love You")

Hard to tell why I like these two. I just do. But let's start from the beginning. A overly popular guy gets bored from all the girls around him and falls in love with the one that is different from all. And of course it has to be the one that has never had a boyfriend or a friend at all. The story is some kind of cliche but it is still cute and extremely funny especially in the Mei x Yamato moments, for ex. when he's trying to make her call him by his first name. Hilarious. 

No.4  WINRY & EDWARD (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood) 

The 'more like siblings looking' relationship actually turned out to be a cute love story as a part of one of the most emotional stories that exist in the anime universe. I was literary on cloud 9 after this scene. How he got taller than her, how he actually became a man (kinda) and how he talked about giving her half of his life. They were supporting each other their whole life. In the beginning I had the feeling that only the brothers depended on her and not vice-versa. But later on I realized that she needed them to stay strong. She had to stay strong for them. It just that type of relationship. True I knew that they would end up together, but when it comes to anime...Well, you never know.

No.3  KAORI & KOUSEI (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso- Your Lie in April) 

If there is one anime in which you have to cry the whole time while watching it, than it is this one. The saddest yet most beautiful anime I have ever watched and in the middle of it is the relationship of Kaori and Kousei. Two amazing musicians that have been trough a lot, but find each other and it eventually got easier for both of them. She found in him her inspiration and goal while she became the reason he played piano again. True they never had that typical couple relationship but you knew from the start: yes they were made for each other. She tells a lie in April which he finds out in the end. But unfortunately in time he learns the truth it is already too late. 

No.2  YUNO & YUKI (Mirai Nikki- Future Diary) 

I know, I know what you think. Putting these two as the No.2 on my couple ranking makes me a bigger psycho than Yuno her slef. But what can I do? I just love them. I think that everyone knows about them, or at least about her. Miss Yandere her self. The psycho-girlfriend/killer, Yuno Gasai falls in love with the shy and introverted Yuki. What a couple. And that's exactly why I love them. Two completely different personalities meet and both undergo a character development because of the other one. And everyone that has watched Mirai Nikki knows for sure that Yuki and Yuno love each other. And when it comes to that, I am 100% sure that their love is way stronger than any other anime couple, Even, Asuna and Kirito don't stand a chance against these two. And at this very point I think about watching the last few episodes again. 

No.1  TAIGA & RYUJI (Toradora!)

Who would tell that my No.1 is actually a couple from a slice-of-life/school/romance anime like Toradora! Well, what made them my favorite couple is firstly their story. Throughout the whole anime they are being the wing-men for each other and do not realize how much they need, or better love each other. Their relationship turns out into such a great plot twist, which was actually kinda expected but not like this and not so sudden. Secondly, their personalities make them such a great couple that it is impossible not to like them. To be honest, I kinda recognize my self in Taiga a lot. From the looks and from the characteristics. And the third and final reason, their not that cliche couple you see in every other anime, and so is their story. And that's exactly what you have do to be my No. 1 in any ranking. You have to be unique and Taiga and Rjuyi definitely are. 


  • Yona & Hak (Akatsuki no Yona)
  • Futaba & Kou (Ao Haru Ride)
  • C.C. & Lelouch (Code: Geass)
  • Erza & Jellal (Fairy Tail) 
  • Yato & Hiyori (Noragami)


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