How I Felt About CLANNAD!!

Konbanwa Minna-san,
After FMAB, Gintama, Steins Gate, Hunter x Hunter and more Ginatama the anime Clannad Afterstory takes the 9th place in the Anime ranking on My Anime List with a rating of 9.08. The prequel Clannad is on the other hand on the 206th place and has a rating of 8.32. However, it is one of the most popular anime series ever and if not the saddest at the same time. I have known for this anime for long but I actually never wanted to watch it. Reasons? 
Firstly, it has about 50 episodes long and I prefer shorter ones. Secondly, it is a romance/slice-of-life and I've not always been a fan of it. And lastly, the animation or more likely the animation style is awful. Well since we have the year 2007 it is not a big surprise. Same reasons I don't watch many other anime like Kill la Kill. Back to Clannad... And despite all the reasons listed above, I watched it. I finally did it. I watched all of Clannad including the Afterstory of course. Now let me tell you what the deal about Clannad is. 
First of all, Clannad is an anime that starts of as a nonsense childish supernatural thing that was really annoying in some parts. But then I realized that is just the tip of the iceberg and I was the Titanic. Yes, it is all sweet, little "we are friends, we'll help each other" and "you make me a better person" but on the other hand it is still high school and that's what it is all about in the end. After some time Clannad slowly turns into a serious drama that actually pictures real life. No, not all of your dreams come true. No, it's not always that easy. No, life is not waiting. But yeah it is worth living, at least for the sake of others. And that is just about Clannad. 
Clannad AFTERSTORY on the other hand makes you sink to the depths of an ocean called depression. Yes, Afterstory is depressive and if you have a weak heart I really recommend you not to watch it. It is so sad and even thinking about it makes my hear ache. At this point I really mean it. IT REALLY DOES HURT. Now imagine how it was while watching it. Guys, I had literary waterfalls flowing from my eyes. I think there was not a single drop of liquid left in my body (a little bit excessive but on point description when it comes to the amount of pain I felt).It hurt so much. Actually I was sobbing like an idiot in the middle of the living room. My mother couldn't believe that I cried that much about a "cartoon". And after I finished the, i think, 18th episode I just lay down and stared at the ceiling trying to realize what on Earth had happened. It took a while. 


And of course the amount of pain that hurt my soul wasn't enough. Afterstory had an ace up the sleeve. Around the 20th episode I though I would die of sadness. And after the never expecting plot twist happy end I felt like an idiot and just wanted to throw my laptop away. I couldn't believe what happened and yeah...I don't know. 


It's been more than a week now and I haven't watched anime since that (except for the the new episodes of anime that aired last week). I just need some time to get over Clannad. And I am really not kidding. I really need to get over all the pain and heal my hart and soul.

SO in short, if you really have a weak heart or if you have any health problems  regarding your heart don't watch it. You could end in a coma like I nearly did even tough my heart is completely healthy. Or at least it was. Clannad and Calnnad Afterstory picture the hardship and in my opinion the worst possible life that exists. I can say for sure, it made me realize that it can happen to anyone at anytime and just thinking about it makes me really afraid of the future. But yeah we have no other option but to live. Well we actually do but we must not be cowards, at least for the sake of the people we love and that love us. That's what Clannad thought me. True it was a very painful lesson but it was worth it.


  1. That's a great anime!
    Greetings from MIT.


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