Anime Reviews in One Sentence Pt.2.

Well Hello there Minna,
As promised in yesterday's anime review here is the second part of the One-sentence-long-review-challenge. I did the first part exactly one month ago and here is part 2. If you haven't read the first part yet, you can do it by clicking **THIS LINK** here. As said in the first part, it is really challenging to sum up and give a brief opinion about an anime show in only one sentence but it is possible. Last time I did the anime from A-M on my completed anime list and now it's time for the second half. Enjoy! 

NO GAME NO LIFE- This anime has a catchy and intriguing story that will catch your attention from the first moment you see the most popular NEED siblings in the anime world. 

NORAGAMI- Again an overly popular anime about a God that doesn't even have a shrine but will definitely make you love him due to his funny appearance yet strong character. 

ONE PUNCH MAN- I am sure that this is the most hyped anime in history which clearly doesn't have a specific story but laughs the hell out of you and makes you enjoy the most epic fights ever. 

OWARI NO SERAPH-It is a nice story about the importance of friendship and family based on the war between humans and vampires that ends up in a way you'd expect the least. 

PSYCHO PASS- Being sure that this is the best anime I have ever watched, Psycho-Pass clearly exceeded all my expectations as a mystery, crime, Sci-Fi and action anime about a mastermind villain that you love no matter what crime he commits.  

RELIFE- Is a very interesting, funny and intriguing slice-of-life and school anime with a supernatural/fantasy detail that, in time you finish it, will make you ReWatch it over and over again. 

ROKKA NO YUUSHA- This anime is a popular one but I didn't like it because of a nonsense story, so forced in the end that it makes you forget what you even watched in the beginning. 

SAKURAKO-SAN NO ASHIMOTO NI WA SHITAI GA UMATTEIRU- Is an amazing anime with the longest title I have ever watched about an osteologist that is more than a mastermind when it comes to solving cases that interest her. 

YOUR LIE IN APRIL- This anime is the definition of beauty in all aspects, from the emotional, deep and interesting story, over the amazing characters to one of the best animations I have ever seen- a masterpiece of its own kind. 

SHINGEKI NO KYOUJIN- I don't understand why this anime is this popular, because it has a overly good story (nothing special), disgusting monsters and fights that make you vomit and the only god thing are the characters and some kind of moral to never give up and-still watchable. 

SUKITTE II NA YO- Is a very cute and intersting slice-of-life, school and romance anime that will take you right back to the good old school days and thought of your first crush. 

SWORD ART ONLINE-It is also one of my favorite anime even tough the love/fantasy/action story about a future couple captured inside a real life or death game has so many haters. 

TOKYO ESP-It is the worst anime I have ever watched and it tells a nonsense story about espers (special power users). 

TOKYO GHOUL- Is one of the most popular anime today that has a really interesting yet deep, dark story that questions the core of humanity. 

TOKYO RAVENS- Is one of the best anime about magic I watched with a cute and intriguing story and a couple of plot twist that will make you love it even more. 

TORADORA!- This is definitely my favorite slice-of-life/school/romance anime because of the intriguing and funny story and of course the amazing characters that carry the story of this anime (you can see the main character in the little box on the left side of the tab of this blog). 

ZENKYOU NO TERROR- The story of this anime is catchy and intriguing and makes your brain work more than usual because it is all about solving riddles given by two ingeinous boys that try to cover up their cruel past. 

ZETSUEN NO TEMPEST- An anime that starts off really good but unfortunately the story gets lost somewhere in the middle leaving us a patchwork story with happenings that don't add up, yet stays enjoyable because of the characters and their interesting background story. 

And this is it guys! Eighteen anime reviewed in only one sentence. Of course I skipped some anime from my list but you won't miss them. I hope you liked today's post and if you ever do such a thing as a one-sentence-anime-review-challenge, let me know! See ya! 


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