Konnichiwa Minna-san,
Right in the beginning I want to ask you to write in the comments down bellow a super-power, action anime like Kaze no Stigma, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, Fate/Zero etc. that you'd recommend. It is because I can't find a good anime like those were anymore. The last one I watched is the topic of this post, the review to be precise. To be honest, I didn't expect this anime to be good...but it was really good. Give it up for Charlotte. 


Charlotte is a drama, school and super power anime that would be perfect if it had more action. The story is interesting and catchy  but more in the last third of the anime. Of course the beginning introduces us to the setting and the characters but a little more action could have made it way batter. If you don't know what it's exactly about, I'll tell you:
Charlotte is set in our every-day world with the exception that adolescents have some kind of super powers which they lose in time they finish high-school. The powers are different from user to user and every power lack something making it imperfect. Our main character for example, Otosaka Yuu can posses someones mind and body, bud his real body collapses. The leading female, Tomari Nao can become invisible but only for one person at a time. So you see, a power can be awesome but it always lacks something. 
In such a world, scientists capture those gifted children and conduct experiments on them which are extremely painful for most of them. For that sake, the student council of Hoshinoumi Academy-a school for students with special abilities, with Nao as the president, tracks down adolescents with those abilities and invites them to enroll the school for their own safety. One day, Nao and her team encounter Yuu and persuades him to change schools and join the student council. 
Yet, what Yuu doesn't know is the true power and strength of his ability. In time he will find out what his real power, and moreover who HE really is. Sounds exciting right?
The thing is, true all that stuff happens trough the story but Yuu and the one watching the anime don't notice anything and the only person that understands everything is Yuu. True, she explains everything later on but in the end. That's why I said that the beginning lacks something like more action. The end has enough action, drama and story development but the beginning doesn't. 
Still, the beginning is not bad and it is really enjoyable and funny. Worth watching definitely.  
When it comes to the end, you reach the true meaning of "Charlotte" and the core of the whole story. I can tell you this much: the end is made up of the background story of the anime, some really amazing drama, a little bit of romance and a lot of excitement. 
There is nothing much to write to an 13 episode anime like this. The plot is interesting, the story line is really good and there are no plot holes. The topic of the anime is not heavy so you don't need to force your brain to understand some heavy stuff. Just lean back and enjoy, that's all you have to do. 


The characters of this anime are definitely mainstream. You'll find characters like this in almost every slice-of-life and school anime. The tsundere type, the wannabe badass, the model/filstar/popstar/, the fanatic nerd etc. But of course the makers did put a little effort in the main female character. Nao reminds me of Shinoa from Owari no Seraph in a lot of ways, but despite that I really liked her. She is always so cheerful and cute you have to like her. Also, she is a really brave character and a good leader. In the end, who deosn't like tsundere?  I mean, just look at her. 


Well, what should I say. The animation is on point ans so is the style of the anime. It is nothing special but enjoyable to watch. I really need to come up with some ideas to write in this section of the review. If you have any ideas let me know! 


And to conclude this overly short review, Charlotte is an anime that is definitely worth of your time. You might not be an instant fan but just keep watching and you'll love it. 

In the next few days expect the One-sentence-review-part2 post and a review on one more 2015 anime. I hope you'll come by and read more on World of Anime Girl. Ja-na! 


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