Things That Can Spoil an Anime

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Whether it is a bad soundtrack, boring fillers or a stupid main character. There are quite a lot of things that can make you not like an anime that much. I went trough my anime list and wrote down some of the things that I found bad about the anime I've watched. And here for you, the things that can spoil an anime-Anime Girl opinion.

The Copycat

I know it's probably hard for the anime makers to come up with something new every here and there and I guess it is okay if some anime have similarities. But...It is really annoying when you literary copy-paste elements of one anime into another. Representing Copycats-Ajin and Guilty Crown. Both of them are really good anime, but it is pretty disturbing knowing that you saw the exact same things in other anime too. Okay, a you made a story about a half demon in Ajin, but do the characters really have to look like the ones in Tokyo Ghoul. Or Mecha's are amazing, but you didn't have to copy other elements from Code Geass too. I was so angry after watching a couple of Ajin episodes, being a great Tokyo Ghoul fan and I couldn't wait to finish it just to write a 'nice' review.
Copy-paste anime elements are really annoying and are surely a thing that spoil an anime.

Plot Holes

I guess you're all familiar with this one. It is when you're in the middle of the anime and something suddenly happens but you have no idea why. And you wait thinking you'll find out, but you don't. It feels like you've skipped something. You play the episode again but no, you've payed attention the whole time and something is sill missing. Well, missing is a part of the plot and you've unfortunately fallen into a plot hole. Whether the makers didn't know how to explain it, or they were just too lazy to do that, they left the plot uncompleted. The worst thing about it, you never find out what really happened. That's how bad plot holes are. The first anime that comes to my mind is Darker Than Black, but it's surely not the only one. As the meme says, Plot holes everywhere.


I know how bad it is to wait long for the second season of your favorite anime. I am still waiting for Akatsuki no Yona season II and even tough there has been no information I'm not giving up. I still believe that that day will come. Worse than that is when the makers announce the release date but it doesn't happen. Delays are pretty annoying things, I know. Still, there is one more thing that is even worse than that. It is when you watch an anime and after 8 episodes you have to wait one month for the last 4. Being not enough, the episodes air a couple of months later when you've totally forgot that you've even watched the anime. Whatever the case, everyone hates delays, so please dear anime makers, quit it.

Total Nonsense

A 'Total Nonsense' happens when you watch an anime and you don't like it for a reason but you can't grasp it. Something is wrong but you're not quite sure what exactly. Ever thought more about the story? If something can go wrong than it's the story. But not to mistake it for a boring story. That's something else. A Total Nonsense is when it just doesn't add up. It doesn't make any sense and you ask your self what on Earth is wrong with it. *facial expression included*
I remember Rokka no Yuusha, Kekai Sensen and Tokyo ESP being Total Nonsense anime and I really don't recommend you to watch them.

The Mid-Episode-Catastrophe

This is something that usually happens to anime that are 24 or 25-episodes long. Representing the Mid-Episode-Catastrophe: Guilty Crown, Darker than Black and the one that explains it the most, Zetsuen no Tempest.

Zetsuen no Tempest set off as an amazing anime. I loved it. And then, around the 12th episode it happened. The plot got just so complicated that, I think even the makers didn't know how to solve it. You really get the feeling that even they didn't know what they were doing and just forgot what they wanted to do in the end. What's left is a mess of characters, background stories and present events that are completely unrelated. 
Something similar happens to the 12-episode-long anime. The only difference they want to finish the story in 12 episodes and force the end, making again a mess out of it. Why not make it a 16 episode long anime? NO! 

Overly Perfect Main Character

This is, in my opinion, the worst thing that can go wrong in an anime. It's the Shiba Tatsuya kind of character from "An Irregular at Magic High School" or Shirayuki from "Snow White with the Red Hair". These character are so perfect that they annoy every bit of you. They are good, they are strong, they are always right, they are popular...I want to throw up. Besides, being so perfect the character cannot develop making the story boring. Perfect characters are boring and annoying and if there is no character development, a good story development is also unlikely to happen. NOTE: Yato is not a perfect character, he's an amazing example of how a character should be, I just liked the GIF. 

So, guys this is it. These are the six things that, in my opinion, can destroy an anime. If you have something to add please let me know and write it in the comments down below. Also make sure to follow me on instagram under @animeblogger. Soon I'll be posting some kind of polls where you can vote for your favorite anime in different categories. I am excited to see the results! 

Your Anime Girl <3 


  1. Wholeheartedly agree with your reasons. :) Another things that annoys me, although it might techically fit under the category of 'plot holes', are 'loose ends'. Like, when an anime introduces a character or a plot line, builds them up for a few episodes, and then just abandons them, leaving the viewer with no closure, and no idea about what happened to said characters/plots. Because sometimes, what's worse than nonsense happening, is nothing happening at all. xD


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