Owari no Seraph/ Seraph of the End: ANIME REVIEW

Well hello my dear anime fellows,
This is Anime Girl with another review on an anime I finished just a couple of days ago. You know, I've never been a huge fan of vampires. It became such a mainstream story and I hate mainstream. Yet, I made my self to watch this vampire anime. I did it because it is not that usual 'stab the vampire with a dagger in the heart to kill it' story, but more...anime like. In the end, I really liked it. Give it up for the review on Owari no Seraph.

 Plot and Story Line 

Owari no Seraph is an action, supernatural and drama anime that aired in 2015. It has two seasons: Owari no Seraph and Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen. The MAL community rated it as a 7,66 which is in my opinion just the right rating for this anime. When it comes to the plot of Owari no Seraph, it is set in a post-apocalyptic  world in which a virus kills all those above 13. In such a world, Yuuichirou and Mikaela, two boys from the Hyakuya orphanage, became livestock for the vampires that suddenly emerged. In order to survive and be protected the boys along with all the other children that survived give their blood to the vampires. Having enough of the vampires' cruel reign, Mikaela comes up with an escape plan that was doomed to fail. Only Yuuichirou manages to escape while the others were killed. He is later rescued by the Moon Demon Company, a military unit that exterminates the vampires in Japan. A couple of years later, Yiiichirou becomes a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army eager to take revenge on the creatures that murdered his family. 

The story of Owari no Seraph is, as I mentioned in the beginning, different. The vampires in this story are cool, they have amazing powers and weapons and they are not that Twilight -type vampires. More importantly, the way the vampires are being fought are not conventional and medieval. Instead of using garlic, silver, holy water etc. the Imperial Demon Army uses demon possessed weapons to kill them. You have all kinds of weapons and demons and that's the thing I liked most about Owari no Seraph. And of course with great powers and weapons comes great action. The fights and action in Owari no Seraph is amazing. Made me even watch a couple of fights again. 
Still, the action is not in the center of the story. The axis of Owari no Seraph is Yuu's fight between the will to revenge his family and the inner demon. Hist steady talk about how important family and friends are and how he disobeys orders just to save his comrades becomes a bit boring over the time, but that's what drives him forward. He fights, he wants to become stronger and so he does. 
One thing that disappointed me in Owari no Seraph is when Guren (General of the Moon Demon Company) finds Yuu after his escape, he says :"Good, he's here. Just like the prophecy said. One of the test subjects from the Hyakuya Laboratories appeared". What prophecy? I was so excited about that legend-prophecy stuff that I thought would come, but it didn't. They never mentioned that again. I don't know if the third season will tell us something about it more but for now, it leaves us in the dark.
By the way, Owari no Seraph has that "I knew it" plot-twist right in the beginning. It makes the whole story really dramatic from the beginning to the end. Surprisingly you have one more plot-twist in the end, but it's more a "What on Earth" kind of plot-twist. That one reveals the secret about the Seraph of the end. Just so you know a Seraph is a type of celestial or heavenly being in Christianity and Judaism. I know what you think, what does such a being have to do with vampires but you shall see...Angels would know *wink*


This is one of those anime in which my favorite character becomes the evil queen. The queen of the vampires, Krul Tepes, is such an awesome character. She is that cool and thug girl or young woman, I can't really tell. She is a vampire that is more than 200 years old. And even though she is so strong and amazing, she still has a pinch of good inside of her. I loved her.Our main character Yuuichirou reminds me of Naruto in a lot of ways. The "I will become strong to save my friends and I can do everything" attitude is what makes him stand out. He does complicate things a lot because of that but okay...Every anime needs one. Also very awesome characters are Guren and Shinoa. I loved them both. The thing about the characters in Owari no Seraph is that they all kinda fight that inner battle with their self. They all have a sad background story they need to overcome and in that way we get to know every character one by one. Guren's story is one of my favorites even tough it's basically a love story. Also, it is maybe one of the most important stories because it affects the end of the anime a lot.

Animation and Style

I'll make this one very, very short. The animation is amazing. Awesome. The style has something other anime don't. It took me some time to think about it, but I got it now. In some scenes you can see that the black outline is a bit sloppy. I really look into details too much, don't I?


Go watch Owari no Seraph now. It doesn't matter if you like vampires or not, you'll like it because this story is on a completely new level. It is interesting, intriguing, dramatic and full of action. So enjoy!

Your AnimeGirl <3


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