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Why not recall what happened to Germany after WWII? Germany was split into the "Bundesrepublik Deutschland" (west) and the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik-East Germany) and they kinda hated each other but it was more a reaction due to the Cold War. So you probably ask why is this related to an anime review? Well, the setting of this anime is an alternative version of East Germany in the 1980s. I was wondering if there was an anime that has that "after WWII" setting and this anime was close to it. The title was supposed to be in German with the meaning "Black Marks", but it ended up being a grammar flop in my opinion. What should be "Schwarze Marken" became "Schwarzesmarken" in the end and here is the review to it.

Plot and Story Line

As said in the intro, the plot of Schwarzesmarken tkes place in an alternative version of East Germany in the 1980s. West Germany is also there and as our history books, the anime too, shows the hatred between the two sides. Of course history alone would be too boring in an anime, so the makers of Schwarzesmrken added up a little drama, a little bit of Sci-Fi and some Mecha-military action. Out came an anime that has a solid and interesting plot with a couple of good background stories and full of action, drama and intrigue. But what is this anime actually about?
Well, in such a divided Germany, a new species of extraterrestrial origin called BETA are doing everything just to destroy the world. They are really ugly and creepy monsters that come in all forms and sizes. The story of Schwarzesmarken follows the East Germany Army's  666th TSF Squadron, also known as the "Black Marks". With Mecha suits that we've unfortunately seen so many times and the most advanced technology, they fight the BETA in order to free the planet of those extremely dangerous creatures. 
The all BETA story is actually just the foundation of the anime. The highlight of the story is actually a set of circumstances that involve our main characters Theodor Eberbach, Irisdina Bernhard, Katia Waldheim and Lise Hohenstein into the political tensions between the two Germanies. 
When I firstly started watching Schwarzesmarken I thought that this is gonna end up as one more "kill the ugly creatures that want to destroy human kind" anime, but it did not. Because in all that awesome action fights with the BETA comes that intriguing political tension drama between the the East and the West. Not being enough to all that politics comes up another mystery side story about Katia, who she really is and where she actually comes from.  And after some episodes Theodor's past catches up and just adds up with all the drama from before. Trust me guys, the show becomes something like an anime soap opera, but a very good one to be honest. That's exactly what makes the anime so good. You have all that military action and in the middle of it some drama between our main protagonist. Of course, romance too. In that way, Schwarzesmarken has something for everyone's soul. 
The thing that I liked the most about Schwarzesmarken is definitely the link to the past and the situation in the Cold War. I always wanted to watch an anime based on the happenings after WWII and that's why I decided to watch this one. True the BETA stuff wasn't a thing I was expecting, but it ended up being a good anime. You really get the feeling of all the hatred and the tensions between the East and West. 
The story of Schwarzesmarken is a little bit complex, but so intriguing and amazing that you won't regret watching it. Of course, action overload and amazing mecha fights. And all that fits perfectly into 12 episodes which is also the reason this anime got an "Honorable mention" in "My Top 5 Anime You Can Watch in Less Than 6h". 


This is another good part of Schwarzesmarken-the characters. They are all realistic personalities and very interesting too.

 My personal favorite was the leader of the 666th Squadron, Irisdina Bernhard. She is a tough leader and a very independent young woman. She has to bear much pressure on her shoulders being the hero of the nation. Also there is no doubt that her exemplary leadership and tactical skill are the key for the survival and ongoing success of her team.

Also very important in the Schwarzesmarken story is our little Katia Waldheim. She is extremely idealistic, hardworking and adored by the maintenance crew. She was a former member of the West Army but after being rescued by the 666th Sq. she soon transfers and becomes a part of Irisdina's team. She has a natural talent and good instinct when it comes to piloting the TSF. She does seem like that overly perfect character that annoys you from time to time, but she is not. Besides, her background story becomes the most intriguing part of the anime so...

Animation and Style

The Animation of Schwarzesmarken is okay. It is definitely not bad, but not a masterpiece either. I think the colors could have been a little bit brighter, they are too dull in my opinion. And since everything is most of the time covered in snow, you don't get to enjoy beautiful backgrounds and stuff. The style is aso not special but again, also not bad. It is an ordinary anime style with no special extras. The one thing that the makers could have changed is the style of the robots, the TSF. Giving them a different name doesn't make the more special than the ones in Code Geass, Giulty Crown etc. I was disappointed, considering the fact that Germany is the leader in the mechanic industry. They could have come up with something new. 


On the whole, Schwarzesmarken is a very good anime with a lot of action first of all. The fights and the battle tactics are amazing and very interesting. Linking to the past events in German history, Schwarzesmarken chooses the perfect setting for a political drama like the one we have here. Still there are so many more amazing things that are coming which I can't tell because they would be huge spoilers. I recommend, watch Schwarzesmarken and enjoy! 

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