Sukitte Ii na yo/ Say I Love You: ANIME REVIEW

I am really not sure what's going on with me, but recently I am into romance/slice-of-life anime. I found them always so boring but they become quite interesting because of all that drama that happens. Not to mention that they are usually 12 or 13-episode-long, which makes them perfect if you just want to relax. I saw a short video on instagram for this anime and I instantly wanted to watch it. And here is, a few days after I finished it, the review on Sukitte Ii na yo or Say "I Love You". 

  Plot and Story Line  

Say "I Love You" follows our main character Mei Tachibana trough her high school life. After an incident in middle school, where all her so-called friends turned their backs on her she decided to stay away from people as far as possible. She never wanted to have friends again because she didn't want to go trough the same experience again. Her method seemed to work until a certain guy showed up and changed everything. That boy happens to be Yamato Kurosawa-the most popular guy at school.  He was probably the only one not to ignore the introverted Mei and what's more, he even freely gave her his phone number.
Sukitte Ii na yo is a story about the slowly developing relationship between Mei and Yamato, along with some side stories that add up to the drama of a teenage life. It is all about relationships, friendship and good looks. It really portrays the daily school life of every teenager. Whether it is a girl, jealous of the other one because she is going with the guy the first one likes, or it is a boy that just wanted to fit in... Everything happens in Say "I Love You". 

Fact is, in the middle of the story stands the relationship between Mei and Yamato and their steady disagreements about how hard it is to confess to someone and say I love you.  But Sukitte Ii na yo also tells stories about other characters from the show. My favorite side-story was about Kitagawa Megumi. She is an always-cheerful and happy model that only lives for looks and the way others see her. She goes trough a thug time and undergoes a great character development. Her story delivers the message "Be your-self and don't let others control you". And even tough she is a "witch" and manipulator, she is also very strong and brave. I was so glad that she actually became a better person in the end.  
One thing is for sure about Say "I Love You"-drama, drama, drama. It is also hilarious, especially in the Mei-Yamato moments. The plot is really good. There are no plot holes, the story is smooth and the only bad thing about it...There is no second season. There is an OVA and one special but...that's not it.


Aaaand again, an anime with awesome characters. Sukitte ii na yo is an anime with so many interesting, unique and amazing characters and personalities. There are also so many character developments, which is actually a part of the life of a teenager. Growing up and realizing who you really are. 

Of course the major character development happened to our protagonist Mei Tachibana. An introverted, creepy loner turned into a rather popular, cute and friendly girl. She became someone that gives advice to others even tough she has no idea about friendship and relationships. She is also a strong and funny character. 

I really thought that I'd hate him, but I didn't. I hate overly perfect characters, and even tough Yamato looks like one, he is not. He is popular, good-looking, supportive, nice etc, but also has his own flaws. He was afraid not to fit in and be lonely so he gave up on his best friend. Later on he realizes what he had done and truly regrets it.  

  Animation and Style  

The animation of this anime is great. No flaws at all. Yet, I personally liked the style the most. The characters really looked different and I loved them. The colors are bright, you can enjoy beautiful settings and if you don't like the story that much, you can at least enjoy the good animation.


To conclude, Sukitte Ii na yo or Say "I Love You" is a romance, drama and slice-of-life anime you should watch after an extremely hard week. Watch it all at once. You won't get boring and in no time you'll be saying "I Love This Anime". 

Your Anime Girl <3

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