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The anime in this review is quite interesting. You firstly have the main character, a black-haired little boy who is some kind of study nerd that suddenly becomes a half-human, half-demon like creature. Then there is his best friend (or ex-best friend, whatever). A blond guy that does not care about school that much. And then there is a old, white-haired man with always closed eyes (you that , when they draw eyes like a thick line in anime) that wants to help him, when the government wants to catch him. Oh, and not any branch, a special unit of the government made just to catch those "monsters".
No guys, this won't be a Tokyo Ghoul review, I already did that one. It is the first review on a 2016-anime, AJIN. Let the critics begin.


You know how everyone sees Guilty Crown as a Code Geass rip-off. Well, Ajin is even worse. It took so many obvious segments of Tokyo Ghoul, you can't even believe that they actually did that. Guilty Crown has at least a good story whereas Ajin, has again something similar to Tokyo Ghoul. A little nerd boy suddenly becomes a half-monster. I think we already saw that one. 
The story begins some 19 years before in Africa, where a new species's been discovered called Ajin. Ajin are immortal beings with a couple of supernatural abilities that still look like ordinary humans. There have been a couple of Ajin reported worldwide. Still they don't seem so real for most of the citizens because they only see them sometimes in the news or read about them in textbooks. Nagai, Kei was one of those citizens until a certain accident turned his life upside-down. On his way back home, he got into a traffic accident. A truck hit him, but when everyone expected him to be dead, Kei just stood up again. Everyone was certain that he was an Ajin. 
Now, when it comes to the story of this anime, it is an action loaded mystery, horror and supernatural story that really only follows our main protagonist. No side stories, no background stories, only the present and Kei. 
This would probably be the part of a review where I say stuff like this story is really interesting, or the plot it self is really catchy, but...I won't. The story is okay. And that's it. It is just okay. In the first four episodes it was because of all the Tokyo Ghoul similarities, but even though it changed afterwards, it was still...I don't want to say it was boring, because it wasn't. It just didn't give you the feeling of enjoyment. I did not enjoy it, but maybe you will. So once again, the story is okay. It is not boring, it is watchable, but it is also not something that will make you watch it in one day, even tough it has only 13 episodes. 
The second season has also been announced and it will start airing in October, 2016. And at this very point I want to say, I probably won't give it a try. I think I'll want to read somewhere what happened in the end, but I certainly won't watch it. I just think it's worth my time. So...yeah. That's it about the plot and story line.


The characters are surely more interesting than the plot. The funny thing about this anime's characters is that the "negative characters" are in the limelight. Negative characters like Kei, Satou, Tosaki are the leading characters of the anime while the "good guys" like Izumi, Kaito and Eriko are in the background. My favorite character was Kei's friend Kaito. Although we didn't get to see much of him, I liked him. He's cool. But I guess I should say a few words about our main character:

NAGAI KEI is one of those characters you hate in anime. He looks so cute and innocent but is just an self-centered crybaby. He is always thinking about his self. I mean, even his little sister hates him. He forgot about his best friend who again came to help him when Kei was in trouble. He is using everyone and even pretends to like them or be helpful just to gain their trust. He is the first character I really wish to see dead. Which is after all possible considering the fact that he has the government and the other ajin against him. 


Two words describe this anime's animation and style: Nice try! It's obvious that the makers of Ajin tried something new, something fresh. But when the anime ends up looking like a bad video game...That's not good. The movements are slow and there is no detail. Moreover, the colors in the anime are too dull. I know it's a horror anime, but seriously, how about a bit brightness? 


To conclude, you might like Ajin, because it is not a boring story and there are some quite interesting segments. The action in the anime is awesome and that's the only good thing I remember about it. I didn't like it that much and I certainly won't watch the second season. It is still freaking me out how many similarities it has with Tokyo Ghoul, because I am a huge fan of it. In my personal opinion Ajin deserves a 7/10, but there is a possibility that you might like it.

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